Department and Unit Chairs


College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Economics David Trechter
Agricultural Education James Graham / Tim Buttles
Agricultural Engineering Technology Joseph Shakal
Animal and Food Science Gary Onan / Steven Kelm
Plant and Earth Science Donavon Taylor

College of Arts and Sciences

Art Kaylee Spencer
Biology Mark Bergland
Chemistry Karl Peterson
English Marshall Toman
Geography and Mapping Sciences John Heppen
History and Philosophy Zhiguo Yang
Journalism Sandra Ellis
Marketing Communications James Pratt
Mathematics Robert Coffman
Modern Language Kristine Butler
Music David Milne
Physics James Madsen
Political Science  Neil Kraus
Psychology Cynthia Kernahan
Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Rich Wallace
Communication Studies and Theatre Arts Robin Murray / Jennifer Willis-Rivera

Administrative Units

Biotechnology Ross Jilk
Women's Studies Michelle Parkinson
Broad Field Social Studies Kurt Leichtle
International Program Sooh-Rhee Ryu

College of Business and Economics

Accounting and Finance Charles Corcoran
Economics Hamid Tabesh
Computer Science and Information Systems Hossein Najafi
Management and Marketing Darryl Miller
Military Science (ROTC) Tabb Benzinger

College of Education and Professional Studies

Communicative Disorders Michael Harris
Counseling and School Psychology Mark Gillen
Health and Human Performance Joseph O'Kroy
Social Work Program Ogden Rogers
Teacher Education Geoffrey Scheurman