Strategic Plan Initiatives

Professor In Front Of Class

Initiative proposals for 2016-17 are now being accepted.  To submit a proposal, complete the template below and email it to your Unit Head by Friday, October 16.  
  “Unit Heads” include:

  • College Deans: Brad Caskey, Michael Fronmueller, Dale Gallenberg, and Larry Solberg 
  • Chancellor, Dean Van Galen
  • Provost, Fernando Delgado 
  • Associate Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs, Gregg Heinselman 
  • Assistant Chancellor-Business and Finance, Elizabeth Frueh 
  • Faculty Senate Chair, James Graham      

2016-2017 Proposal Template



October 16

Individuals/groups submit proposals via email (using template above) to their Unit Head for consideration

October 30

Unit Heads submit approved unit proposals via email to Provost (cc: Wendy Stocker)

 November 13

 SPPC requests any clarifying information needed from Unit Head/Proposer

December 4

Unit Head/proposer provides clarifying information to SPPC

January 8

SPPC completes ranking and review of initiatives and forward to Faculty Senate, Cabinet and proposers

Spring Semester

Initiatives finalized, built into 2016-17 budget and communicated to campus