Strategic Plan Initiatives

Professor In Front Of Class

Eight 2014-15 strategic initiative proposals have been submitted and are currently under review by the Strategic Plan Progress Committee. Please log in with your Falcon Account to view the proposals.



Nov. 1

Individuals/groups submit proposals (via e-mail using the template above) to their Unit Head for consideration.

Nov. 15

Unit heads submit approved unit proposals to Strategic Plan Progress Committee (SPPC).
(Please submit via e-mail to Fernando Delgadomail, cc: Wendy Stocker.)

Dec. 2

SPPC requests any clarifying information needed from Unit Head/Proposer

Jan. 8

Unit Head/Proposer provides clarifying information to SPPC

Jan. 17

SPPC completes ranking and review of initiatives

Jan. 21

Rankings and feedback forwarded to Faculty Senate, Cabinet, and Proposers

Spring Semester

Initiatives finalized, built into the next fiscal year budget and communicated to campus

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