Strategic Plan Initiatives

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The Strategic Plan Progress Committee (SPPC) has reviewed proposals for 2015-16.  The Provost has forwarded the committee's recommendation to support and fund two new initiatives for the plan. In order to move forward, the recommendations must now be reviewed and approved by Faculty Senate and the Chancellor.  To view the proposals that are under consideration, please log in with your Falcon Account below.  

The committee has placed limitations—such as inability to commit to base level funding (SPPC is only able to provide one time or at most two year funding)—and has acknowledged that at least one initiative might be funded entirely or partially via foundation gifts. If this were to occur then the financial commitment would be amended so that the pool that initiatives draw from would be replenished accordingly.  

The other five proposals were denied largely because of their specific and explicit requests for base funding and the associated broad financial implications should the committee support these requests.


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