Strategic Plan Initiatives

Professor In Front Of Class

Initiative proposals for 2015-16 are now being accepted. To submit a proposal, please complete the template below and email it to your Unit Head by October 17, 2014. 

Unit Heads include:

  • College Deans: Brad Caskey, Michael Fronmueller, Dale Gallenberg, and Larry Solberg
  • Chancellor, Dean Van Galen
  • Provost, Fernando Delgado
  • Associate Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs, Gregg Heinselman
  • Assistant Chancellor-Business and Finance, Elizabeth Frueh
  • Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment and Student Success, Kris Anderson
  • Faculty Senate Chair, David Rainville

2015-16 Initiative Proposal Templatedocument



Oct. 17

Individuals/groups submit proposals via email (using the template above) to their Unit Head for consideration

Oct. 27

Unit heads submit approved unit proposals via email to Provostmail, cc: Wendy Stocker

Nov. 12

SPPC requests any clarifying information needed from Unit Head/Proposer

Dec. 1

Unit Head/proposer provides clarifying information to SPPC

Dec. 19

SPPC completes ranking and review of initiatives and forwards to Faculty Senate, Cabinet, and proposers

Spring Semester 2015

Initiatives finalized, built into 2015-16 budget and communicated to campus.