Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are available for new and continuing students to recognize students with a high potential for success. Students can also earn money through paid research and other departmental work.

Alumni Scholarships for New Students

Two scholarships are available each year for new students who intend to pursue a physics or pre-engineering program at UWRF. These are worth $1000 and are awarded for only the first year.

If you are an incoming freshman considering one of the many physics degree options at River Falls, please complete the application form.

Scholarships for Continuing Students

An additional six or seven (depending on funds) scholarships are available each year for continuing students who are in the physics or pre-engineering program at UWRF, each ranging from approximately $450 to over $1700 per year.

Details on each of these programs, including application information, can be found on the Enrollment Services Web page for scholarships.

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