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to the UWRF Engineering page. We offer three options for students wishing to become engineers.

I. Dual Degree Program

Earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from UW-River Falls and a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, University of Wisconsin-Madison, or another partner institution.

Degrees earned:
     B.S. Applied Physics, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
     B.S. Engineering, University of Minnesota or University of Wisconsin-Madison
Years to completion: about 5

II. Pre-Engineering

Complete two years at UW-River Falls and two years at an engineering university.

Degrees earned:
     B.S. Engineering
Years to completion: about 4

III. Bachelor of Science in Physics and Master of Science in Engineering

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Physics or Chemistry at UW-River Falls and a Master of Engineering or Ph.D. from an Engineering Graduate school.

Degrees earned:
     B.S. Physics, University of Wisconsin-River Falls
     M.S. or Ph.D. in Engineering, engineering university
Years to completion: about 6 (more for a Ph.D.)

Why Study Engineering at UWRF?

Questions and Answers for Students and Their Parents

Pre-Professional Engineering Degree Requirements (Catalog)


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