Marketing Communications

Program Description

Marketing Communications is a unique, interdisciplinary, intercollege major which includes coursework from seven departments in three colleges. The departments are, in the College of Arts and Sciences: art, English, journalism, and communication studies and theater arts; the College of Business and Economics, marketing; and in the College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences: agricultural economics and agricultural education. A major consists of 42 semester hours. Core courses totaling from 25 to 28 semester hours include such areas as mass media principles and reporting, advertising design, consumer behavior, marketing principles and persuasion. Specific coursework in Marketing Communications principles, theory and methods is required. Students participate in a work experience or internship for academic credit that provides essential professional experience.
Additional electives in writing, visual communication, marketing and promotion complete the major. A student may select a minor field of study from any area within the college.


The Marketing Communications faculty are drawn from the nine academic programs in three colleges (College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business and Economics, and College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences) which constitute this interdisciplinary major: Art, (Graphic Design), Communication Studies (Oral Communication), Digital Film and Television, English, (Professional Writing), Journalism, Management, Marketing, Marketing Communications, and Agricultural economics.  All Marketing Communications faculty advise students and have outstanding professional and academic qualifications. A full-time professor of marketing communications teaches most core courses in the major, advises students and develops internship opportunities.

Career Opportunities

As the world of business continues to change, recent job trend surveys by several publications indicate the demand should grow for qualified graduates in marketing communications. With adequate undergraduate preparation, the student will find potential employment in a wide range of corporate, industrial and non-profit organizations. These may include government, higher education, environmental, home products, high technology, travel and tourism, health care, consumer products, business-to-business, beauty and fashion, professional and collegiate sports, entertainment, and financial services. Within those agencies, duties may include media relations, internal communications, publications, trade show marketing, special events planning and promotion, public affairs/issues management,
product publicity, media presentations training, environmental communications, graphic design, crisis communication, investor relations, corporate communications, media tours and strategic communications planning.

Marketing Communications 

Marketing Communications . . .

is a diverse and interdisciplinary profession in the public and private sectors which seeks to integrate the activities of advertising, marketing public relations, sales promotion, event planning and various sales support areas into a single professional field of expertise.

Marketing Communications activities would include: copy writing for communications materials including 
advertising, sales support, direct mail packages, articles for publications, video and audio scripts, convention promotion and support and other items; creative production of graphics materials; trade show planning; production of newsletters, brochures and pamphlets; and working with news media.

Department of Marketing Communications
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