Sustainable Management Plan

Bachelor of Science Degree. Sustainable Management.

Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Freshman Year

SMGT 115 Environmental Science and Sustainability
SMGT 220 Systems Thinking
SMGT 230 Triple Bottom Line Accounting for Managers

SMGT 235 Economics in Society and Sustainability
SMGT 240 Technical Writing for Sustainable Management


SMGT 310 Ecology for Sustainable Management
SMGT 325 Natural Resource Management

Sophomore Year

SMGT 315 Global Environmental Chemistry
SMGT 320 Energy for Sustainable Management

SMGT 330 Marketing for a Sustainable World
SMGT 331 Sustainable Organizational Finance


SMGT 332 Economics of Environmental Sustainability
SMGT 335 Management and Environmental Information Systems


SMGT 340 Organizational Behavior and Sustainability
SMGT 350 Operations Management and Sustainability

SMGT 360 Environmental and Sustainability Policy
SMGT 370 Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Sustainability


SMGT 430 International Management for a Sustainable World
SMGT 435 International Development and Sustainability


SMGT 460 Environment and Society

SMGT 495 Sustainable Management Capstone

Summary of Degree Requirements

Credits transferred from previous college course work or associate's degree:

  • General Education (40 - 41 credits) 
    Including one 3-credit course in multidisciplinary inquiry at the 300 level or above
  • American Cultural Diversity (3 credits) 
  • Global Perspectives (3 credits) 
  • Additional Sustainable Management Statistics Prerequisite (3 credits) 
  • General Electives (10 - 11 credits)

Program Requirements:

  • Sustainable Management Courses (63 credits)

Total Credits to Degree ~ 123 credits

This example plan of study shows how a part-time student (who has completed all General Education requirements) could complete program requirements in four years, including summers. A full-time student may complete program requirements in two years, including summers. Academic advisors can assist students in building a plan to suit their personal schedules.

Students may enter the program at the beginning of any term, and they may take courses in whatever sequence they wish, as long as they meet all the prerequisites listed in course descriptions. The Capstone course is usually taken in the last semester.

Additional Requirements/Prerequisites
1. The Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Management consists of 21 courses. Each student is required to successfully complete all 21 courses to graduate. There are no electives in the program.

2. Some Sustainable Management courses have prerequisites. If the prerequisites were not completed as part of prior coursework, students will need to complete them before taking specific courses. UW campus equivalents or other college/university equivalents may be substituted.

  • MATH 146 College Algebra (UW Colleges MAT 110 or equivalent)
  • MATH 216 Statistics (UW Colleges MAT 117 or equivalent)
  • CHEM 121 General Chemistry (UW Colleges CHE 125 or equivalent)
  • BIOL 150 General Biology (UW Colleges BIO 109 or equivalent)
  • COMS 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication (UW Colleges COM 103 or equivalent)

3. Additionally, students need to meet the General Education and graduation requirements.

4. To graduate, the last 30 semester credits must be taken through UW-River Falls. Additionally, students must maintain a 2.25 GPA in sustainable management program coursework.