Political Science

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the political science major is to offer students an undergraduate program of study that provides them with the intellectual skills necessary to be able to analyze and interpret political events and governmental processes. Substantively, the program emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge about the American political system and other political systems found throughout the world. It also seeks to instill an understanding of international relations, an appreciation of the history and values of the western tradition in political philosophy and knowledge of the fundamental concepts involved in the study of political behavior.

The major prepares students for post-graduate endeavors including the pursuit of professional and graduate school opportunities as well as public and private sector employment.


The political science department offers a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree in political science. Most students graduate with a bachelor of science degree. The program requires that students are exposed to each of the major subfields within political science. At the same time it offers students the opportunity and flexibility to pursue their individual intellectual interests within the major.


The political science department consists of four full-time faculty members and occasional part-time instructors. Each of the full-time faculty holds a Ph.D. degree in Political Science. Their collective expertise covers the standard range of subfields within the discipline

Career and Internship Opportunities

The study of political science prepares students for a range of careers in both the public and private sectors as well as for post-graduate study. A sample of these include: law; business; journalism; public and international affairs; federal, state and local government; teaching; private, non-profit organizations; interest groups; and campaign management.
In order to assist in the pursuit of specific careers, students in political science are encouraged to gain practical experience through internships. There are a wide range of internship opportunities available. In recent years, students have had internships with members of Congress, with state legislators, on campaign staffs, in legal offices, in non-profit organizations and with interest groups.

Political Science 

Political Science . . .

is a traditional Liberal Arts program. It provides students with the skills and knowledge necessary to analyze and interpret political events and governmental processes

Department of Political Science
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