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Our Program

Sociology studentSociology is the study of individual behavior in social institutions encompassing family, politics, religion, work, leisure, crime, law, law enforcement, education, and health care. Sociology majors might study something small, such as how people manage the impressions they make on others, or something a bit larger, such as the causes and consequences of immigration or the changes in family patterns. Students who major in sociology find culture, emotions, social problems, deviant behavior, urbanization, political movements, and health disparities fascinating concepts.

Some students choose to major in sociology because they want to improve the society around them by better understanding the relationships between individuals and social issues. Other students major in sociology because it will help prepare them for a job, graduate or professional school, and/or help them in life ahead. Students will receive a broad education leading to a variety of career opportunities. Possible careers include caseworkers, managers, paralegals, crime scene technicians, human rights advocates, computer consultants, marketing researchers, teachers, editors, and more.


Most students who major in Sociology join the Sociology, Anthropology, and/or Criminal Justice club. The students are engaged in many activities throughout the school year, bringing students and faculty together on a regular basis. A large number of students are also involved with Habitat for Humanity, a program that provides students with the opportunity to get first-hand experience with portions of the public that are discussed within the major.

Study Abroad

There are many study abroad options for students. Students are encouraged to take part in the semester-long study abroad programs like Wisconsin in Scotland or International Traveling Classroom. While abroad, there are many social science classes that can be applied towards a sociology major or general requirement. It is expected that undergraduate research is completed individually (but guided) before graduation.

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

UW-River Falls has a partnership with Taiwan: Shih Chien University. This program allows UWRF students to pay UWRF tuition but attend Shih Hsin University for the semester. You will be responsible for your room and board, airfare, personal needs, travel costs, and associated university fees. This program allows students to take classes needed for the TESOL major or minor, but have the opportunity to explore and experience a new culture. 

Students are encouraged to study abroad to get a feel and respect of other cultures while they are learning about it. UW-River Falls is one of few institutions in the country that offers a TESOL program for an undergraduate degree.