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Our Program

Psychology StudentPsychology is one of the largest majors at UW-River Falls. Psychology is a very broad field that contains content that appeals to a variety of students. The psychology department is recognized as one of the top departments on campus in terms of faculty engagement in advising and the classroom, research opportunities for students, and post-graduate opportunities for education. 

There are a wide range of courses available within the psychology department. Some popular courses are physiological psychology, social psychology, child development, health psychology, personality psychology, abnormal psychology, and research methods. 

Students who major in psychology at UW-River Falls are prepared to enter the employment world. Some job examples are human services, business, government, and other areas. Many students continue their education to prepare them to work as clinicians or counselors, human resource managers, academic psychologists, and/or research scientists. 

“I chose psychology because I want to help people who are experiencing similar things in their lives to what I have in my own. With psychology I have a broad selection of ways that I can do that, including with my 'personalized degree' that combines psychology and equine management, preparing me for a career in equine-assisted psychotherapy.”
Kelly Sobczak, current student.


Faculty strive to acquaint students with research findings and theories in numerous areas. This goal is accomplished through a curricular structure that ensures students take courses that survey the processes influencing behavior (physiological, learning, and social processes). The psychology department recognizes that many students are seeking careers in human services and other applied fields. Thus, a variety of courses and experiences are offered that enable students to apply psychological principles to promote human welfare.


Psi Chi is the international honor society in psychology, available to continue growth within the psychology program. Admission to Psi Chi is selective, having both credits completed and GPA requirements. This organization seeks to provide social and service opportunities to connect students with their peers, faculty, staff, and the world around them.

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

This department is widely recognized for providing extensive opportunities for students to conduct and disseminate collaborative research with the psychology faculty. In addition, faculty members are very active in study abroad programs providing numerous options for students who wish to participate in international education opportunities. Finally, the psychology department provides applied experiences for students by way of internships in human services and business. 

Students are required to take a research methods course. In this class, students work in groups of two to four and work closely with a professor. Each group gets to choose a research project that has been approved by the Institutional Research Board (IRB) and professor. The group will research that study they are about to perform, and add more to it. Once the research is done, the groups conduct the study and record the results. From there, they present the results to the class.