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Pre LawAccording to the Association of American Law Schools, preparation for entry into law school calls for: the development of basic skills, particularly in the use of language; a strenuous effort to improve one’s capacity for critical thinking; and the acquiring of a broad liberal arts background. The skill most basic to success both as an undergraduate student and as a law school student is the ability to competently use the English language in both written and oral form. In addition students need to be concerned with developing the capacity to think logically and to critically evaluate the knowledge gained through their courses of study.

Because the law program operates through written and spoken word, the skill most central to success as both an undergraduate and a law school student is the ability to use the English language competently. Virtually any approved academic course of study, if pursued rigorously and diligently, should equip a student with these skills.


In order to assist in the pursuit of specific careers, students in political science are encouraged to gain practical experience through internships. There are a wide range of internship opportunities available. In recent years, students have had internships with member of Congress, with state legislators, on campaign staff, in legal offices, in non-profit organizations, and with interest groups.


There are many clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. Some heavily attended clubs are: International Relations Club, College Democrats, College Republicans, and International Strategy Organization. The International Relations Club is a place for those who have international interests to debate the issues of the day, organize conferences, and participate in model United Nations, among other things.

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UW-River Falls pre-law advisors assist incoming students in determining what program of study that best fits his or her needs. They are also available to answer questions regarding law school for any student on campus regardless of a major. Finally, they will work closely with the students who choose to apply to law school to makes sure that all the necessary materials they need are readily available and to guide them throughout the application process.

Every spring semester, students can be involved in a Model United Nations Conference. This conference is one of many collegiate Model UNs held every year in the United States, Canada, and around the world. It brings together 200 to 300 students from 15 to 25 different colleges and universities located in the central part of North America to talk and debate issues with in today’s society.