Political Science

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Our Program

Political ScienceThe primary mission of the political science program is to create a community of responsible and engaged citizens and leaders by providing the intellectual skills and substantive knowledge necessary to analyze, interpret, and participate in domestic and international political and governmental processes. The program also provides students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to excel in graduate and law programs, and transferable skills that graduates can use to succeed in the public and private sectors. The faculty provide expertise on international, national, and local political issues, and ongoing philosophical discussions concerning politics and government. 

Substantively, the program emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge about the American political system and other political systems found throughout the world. It also seeks to instill an understanding of international relations, an appreciation of the history and values of the western tradition in political philosophy, and knowledge of the fundamental concepts involved in the study of political behavior.


In order to assist in the pursuit of specific careers, students in political science are encouraged to gain practical experience through internships. There are a wide range of internship opportunities available. In recent years, students have had internships with members of Congress, with state legislators, on campaign staffs, in legal offices, in nonprofit organizations, and with interest groups.


There are many clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. Some heavily attended clubs are: International Relations Club, College Democrats, College Republicans, and International Strategy Organization. 

The International Relations Club is a place for those who have international interests to debate the issues of the day, organize conferences, and participate in model United Nations, among other things. 

The purpose of the College Democrats of UW-River Falls, as stated in their Constitution, is to encourage the university community to be active in the political process at all levels of government. The organization will also work to effectively express and put into action the political philosophy of the Democratic Party. 

The College Republicans is dedicated to promote the values and principles of the Republican Party. The group meets weekly to inform members about upcoming elections, plan documentary nights, discuss current events and plan other fun events throughout the school year. If nothing else, it’s another option to get to know students who share the same political beliefs.

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The study of political science prepares students for a range of careers in both the public and private sectors as well as for post-graduate study. A sample of these include: law, business, journalism, public affairs, international affairs, federal government, state government, local government, teaching, non-profit organizations, interest groups, and campaign management. 

Every spring semester, the students who are interested in participating, can be involved in a Model United Nations Conference. This conference is one of many collegiate Model UNs held every year in the United States, Canada, and around the world. It brings together 200 to 300 students from 15 to 25 different colleges and universities located in the central part of North America to talk and debate issues within today’s society.