Health and Human Performance

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Our Program

Health and Human PerformanceThe Health and Human Performance Department prepares quality teachers, coaches, fitness and recreation leaders who will enrich and support the health and well-being of others. The goal of the department is to help all individuals live healthy, satisfying, and energetic lives.

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Joseph O'Kroy- Chair
111 Karges Physical Education Center

Two Options

The Health and Human Performance program provides students with two majors: Health and Physical Education (K-12) and Exercise and Sports Science.

The first major, Health and Physical Education, is a 139-credit comprehensive program that qualifies graduates to teach pre-K-12 physical education in the private or public school setting. Combining the Health Education and Physical Education options into one single major allows graduates to obtain licensure in both areas, as they are both desired to acquire a teaching position. 

The second major, Exercise and Sport Science is designed for students who seek careers in a broad range of areas related to exercise and sport science, including: cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, personal training, sport management, corporate wellness center, coaching, physical and occupational therapy, and health promotion. The program prepares students who plan to continue their education at the graduate level in any Kinesiology sub-discipline (athletic training, biomechanics, cardiac rehabilitation, sport management, sport psychology). Upon graduation students are required to take the ACSM or NSCA certification exam.

There is also the Health and Wellness Management degree completion program designed to equip students with the skills necessary to design, develop, implement, and maintain health and wellness programs in the workplace.

The Health and Human Performance department also provides minors for students. Minors include; Health Education, Coaching, and Outdoor education. An Adapted Physical Education Minor is also available for students seeking pre-K-12 Adapted Physical Education certification and HIGHLY recommended. It is also for teachers who are already certified in pre-K-12 Physical Education that wish to get an add on to their current licensure.


Before graduation, students need to participate in undergraduate research (in their specific field). Also, every student needs to fulfill an internship credit before graduation. Those wishing to complete a teaching certification also need to complete student teaching and observation requirements.

Global. Innovative. Excellent.

In 1993, the Health and Human Performance department was the first Wisconsin program to pass the rigorous standards of the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). The department met and exceeded the national requirements for every standard, in a time when nationally less than 25% of the physical education programs passed. Again in 2003, the department passed the NASPE standards and is one of the few NASPE accredited physical education programs in the Midwest and the only accredited program in Wisconsin.

The Exercise and Sports Science program is also gaining CoaES (Committee of Accreditation for Exercise Sciences) accreditation. This committee grants accreditation based on the Standards of the American College of Sports Medicine.