Chemistry ACS Approved Regular Option Plan

Bachelor of Science Degree, Academic Advising Plan, Chemistry Major


Fall Semester Spring Semester

General Chemistry I (5)
Calculus I (4)

General Chemistry II (5)
Calculus II (4)


Organic Chemistry I (3)
Organic Chemistry I Laboratory (1)
Calculus III (3)
General Physics I (5)

Organic Chemistry II (3)
Organic Chemistry II Laboratory (1)
Analytical Chemistry (3)
General Physics II (5)


Thermodynamics and Kinetics (3)
Biochemistry I (3)
Separations Lab (1)

Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy (3)
Instrumentation Laboratory (1)
Chemistry Elective (3)


Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3)
Advanced Chemistry Lab I (1)
Undergraduate Research (1)

Advanced Chemistry Lab II (1)
Chemistry Seminar (1)

In addition to the Major program of study, the University requires that all students complete the requirements of a Minor, as well as a Cultural Diversity, a Global Perspective, Liberal Arts, and General Education requirements. The typical course load for a full-time student is 15 credits a semester. For more information, please refer to the catalog.

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