ACS Approved Biochemistry Option Plan

Bachelor of Science Degree, Academic Advising Plan, Chemistry Major


Fall Semester
Spring Semester

General Chemistry I (5)
Calculus I (4)

General Chemistry II (5)
Calculus II (4)
General Biology (3)


Organic Chemistry I (3)
Organic Chemistry I Lab (1)
Calculus III (3)
General Physics I (5)
Cell and Molecular Biology (3)

Organic Chemistry II (3)
Organic Chemistry II Lab (1)
Analytical Chemistry (3)
General Physics II (5)


Biochemistry I (3)
Separations Lab (1)
Genetics and Evolution (3)

Biochemistry II
Biochemistry Lab (3)
Instrumentation Lab (1)


Thermodynamics and Kinetic (3)
Advanced Chemistry Lab (1)
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (3)

Molecular Structure and Spectroscopy (3)
Undergraduate Research (1)
Molecular Biology (4)

In addition to the Major program of study, the University requires that all students complete the requirements of a Minor, as well as a Cultural Diversity, a Global Perspective, Liberal Arts, and General Education requirements. The typical course load for a full-time student is 15 credits a semester. 

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