Steps In Filling A Classified Permanent Position

  • Contact the classified HR Manager (Deb Schwabmail), 216 North Hall, 715-425-3221, to discuss upcoming recruitment.  Provide a position descriptionlink so that the classification title, salary range, etc. can be determined.     
  • Upon determination of the classification title, the supervisor will submit the posting as the "Hiring Manager" in the on-line recruitment system.     
  • Upon receiving all the necessary approvals in the on-line recruitment system, the HR Manager will discuss options with the supervisor.  Options are: 1) proceed with announcing in Falcon Daily for permissive transfers; 2) move forward with recruitment; or 3) do a combination of both.  NOTE:  In all cases, the position must be posted in the State of Wisconsin's Employee Referral System (ERS) for statewide employees whose positions are at-risk of layoff or who are in a layoff situation.  Job must be posted in ERS for eight calendar days.  
  • If announcing for transfers first, a transfer announcement will be posted in Falcon Daily.  The deadline will be seven days from initial announcement.  Human Resources will provide supervisor with information on transfer candidates.  Supervisor will determine whether candidates will be considered next or in conjunction with candidates from recruitment process.
  • Recruitment process varies depending on the type of vacancy.  An established list of applicants may already be available because of a pre-existing examination or an exam may need to be created by the supervisor and Human Resources.     
  • The HR Manager will work with the supervisor to develop an examination, if needed.  If a pre-existing list is available, HR will obtain a list of eligible candidates for interview. 
  • HR will notify candidates of eligibility to interview and schedule those who are interested.   
  • The supervisor will submit interview questions to Human Resources for approval prior to interviews.     
  • Supervisor will discuss hiring decision with the HR Manager.  HR will offer position to candidate.

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