2-Year Live On Campus Requirement

2-Year Residency Requirement

The Department of Residence Life at UWRF enforces the UW-System 2-year live on campus residency requirement. This policy is in effect for all first and second year students who do not meet the below residence hall exemption criteria. Exemptions to the policy are clearly explained below and in our UWRF Residence Hall Contract .

Exemptions to the 2-Year Residency Requirement

By the first day of classes for the semester I want to live off-campus...
  • I will be at least 21 years old as of the first day of classes for that semester
  • -OR- I will have completed at least 4 part time or full time fall/spring semesters at a college post-high school
    (For fall/spring semesters taken at a non-UWRF college, email reslife@uwrf.edumail)


Commuting from the home of a parent or legal guardian

If you do not meet one of the above exemption criteria, you may commute from the home of your parent or legal guardian (if you fall within one of the approved commutable zip codes) by submitting a signed and notarized Commuter Form.


Special requests for exemption to the 2-Year Residency Requirement

All other reasons for living off-campus are special circumstances and must be reviewed and approved by UWRF Department of Residence Life, and require that you submit all appropriate documentation.

Submitting Special Request for Exemption

The following are NOT valid reasons for an exemption

  • I have 59.5 credits, but have not yet completed 4 fall/spring college terms post-high school.
  • I have a lease off campus.
  • I will be living with a brother/sister/aunt/uncle/friend/etc... off campus.
  • I will be 21 years old soon after the semester begins.
  • I will be living in a fraternity/sorority house.

Violations of the 2-Year Live On Campus Requirement

  • You will be required to pay for a room both on-campus and off-campus. In addition, a hold could be placed on your student records. For details, see our Moving Out web page.