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Valenzuela, Charleen

Custodial Services

Valverde, Sergio

Political Science

Van Allen, Leanne

Business Administration

Van De Mark, Greg

Technology Services

Van Galen, Dean

Chancellor's Office

Van Galen, Mary

Chancellor's Office

Van Wagner, Molly

Grants and Research

Vande Yacht, Daniel

Registrar's Office

Vang, Bee

Outreach and Continuing Education

Varghese, Anthony

Computer Science and Information Systems

Vento, Gina

College of Business and Economics

Vera, Kathryn

Health and Human Performance

Verrill, Mary


Vignona, Laine

Vine, Paul

Vircks, Nancy

Health and Human Performance

Voelker, Susan

History and Philosophy

Vogel, Kurt

Animal and Food Science

Voiles, Monica


Vollmers, A

Management and Marketing

Vollmers, Stacy

Management and Marketing

Vonk, Matthew