Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter II: Administrative Organization 

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Chancellor's Office

2.2.1 Athletics
2.2.2 Internal Audit
2.2.3 University Advancement
2.2.4 University Communications

2.3 Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

2.3.1 Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
2.3.2 Academic Colleges Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences Art and Sciences Business and Economics Educational and Professional Studies Department Chairs

2.3.3 Global Connections
2.3.4 Grants and Research
2.3.5 Library
2.3.6 McNair Scholars
2.3.7 Outreach and Continuing Education
2.3.8 Registrar
2.3.9 Technology Services
2.3.10 Undergraduate Research, Creative, and Scholarly Activity (URSCA)

2.4 Assistant Chancellor for Business and Finance

2.4.1 Accounting Services
2.4.2 Financial Aid
2.4.3 Human Resources
2.4.4 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
2.4.5 Risk Management

2.5 Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment and Student Success

2.5.1 Academic Success Center
2.5.2 Admissions and New Student Services
2.5.3 Marketing

2.6 Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

2.6.1 Career Services
2.6.2 CHILD Center
2.6.3 Counseling and Student Health
2.6.4 Recreation and Sports Facilities
2.6.5 Residence Life
2.6.6 Student Life
2.6.7 University Center
2.6.8 Dining Services
2.6.9 Falcon Shop
2.6.10 Ability Services
2.6.11 Student Conduct and Community Standards
2.6.12 Conference and Event Services

2.7  Executive Director of Facilities and Management

2.7.1 Campus Planning
Custodial Services
University Police

2.8  Chancellor's Committees

2.8.1 Chancellor's Advisory Council
Chancellor's Cabinet
Leadership Assembly

2.9  Administration Committees

2.9.1 Audit and Review Committee
Chancellor's Awards Committee for Academic Staff
Chancellor's Award Committee for Classified Staff
Chancellor's Award Committee for Students
Experience China Advisory Committee
Faculty Academic Staff Development

  • Mission Statement Administration of Program  Responsibilities of the Board  Committee Responsibilities Teaching Committee Research Committee Faculty Professional Development Committee  Academic Staff Professional Development Committee  University-wide Initiatives Committee

2.9.7  Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
2.9.8  Institutional Review Boars/Human Subjects Committee
2.9.9  Non-Academic Misconduct Hearing Committee
2.9.10  Re-classification Committee
2.9.11  Strategic Plan Progress Committee Role Membership

2.9.12 University Safety Committee Mission Statement Charge to the Committee Goals and Objectives Membership Advisory Members Officers Terms Meetings Method of Communication Accountability Authority State of Wisconsin Mandate

2.9.13  URSCA Council Charge to the Committee Membership Terms of Office Officers

2.9.14 "The Year of ...." Implementation Committee Charge Membership Terns