DoTS Communication Center

Summer 2014

New Services and Temporary Changes

Having trouble with your falcon user name and password?  Here are some tips...

  • Passwords contain some uncommon characters. Be certain you are entering all characters correctly. Examples:% $ & *
  • Characters are case sensitive (upper and lower case).  Mistaking an upper-case "I" for a  lower-case "L" or the number "1" can prevent a successful log in.  
  • If you have entered a password incorrectly 3 times you will be prevented from logging in for 5 minutes. Try again after 5 minutes.
  • If you are still experiencing difficulty, change your password and try to log in again. If difficulty continues, please contact the DoTS Communication Center at 715-425-3687.

See New Password Options for Faculty and Staff

Need Information or having problems logging in to Outlook / Office 365?

office365Office 365 User Information

Free Anti-virus Software for Students and Faculty

UWRF is licensed to distribute anti-virus software to all current faculty, staff and students of the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Users may install and use the software at the university or on their home computers. Find out more...

Blocked E-mail Attachments Information

Calling 715-425-3687: How Service is Provided
  • Your call is answered by a technician who may be able to help you immediately; if not, your issue will be assigned to another staff member or team.
  • The technician will ask for your ID number (found on your ID card and referred to as your W number or Falcon ID). Your ID is used to track your request in our Footprints system where a numbered issue is created. 
  • You are sent a notification e-mail when an issue is opened. You can track the progress of your issue and should reference the issue number when follow-up is necessary.
  • If you submit your request by e-mail to DoTS@uwrf.edumail or if you submit an online form to request service or support, a Footprints issue is generated.

Footprints Priorities

All issues are evaluated and assigned priority by DoTS.

  • Standard: Most issues are set as Normal Priority which includes all issues that require resolution but are not immediately affecting the university mission. The customer can still work but may be inconvenienced. This type of request can be anything from general questions to requests for service.
  • High Priority: An issue is high priority when mission-critical work is affected. Any issue impeding multiple people from working is automatically escalated to High Priority.
  • Global Issue: A global issue is created and is highest priority when critical services are affecting large populations on campus or are critical to functional operations. Global issues are given top priority and are updated on our DoTS home page.

Walk-Up Support

You can walk up to the support desk in Hagestad Hall, the support desk by the Blue Lab in Davee Library, or the support desk in the Wyman Education computer lab for assistance.

After Hours Emergencies

In the event of an after-hours emergency outage (server, system, security) call 715-425-3687 and dial 9 when prompted by the system. Leave a detailed message and the support staff will be instantly notified. Include your contact information in case additional information is needed. Visit our website or contact the Communications Center, 715-425-3687, for available status updates.