People with business knowledge and experience are the mainstays of organizations. They help assure that clients get the products and services they seek and that the organization makes enough profit to stay in existence. One of the exciting aspects of a business career is constant change in the marketplace. A major in Business Administration, Finance, Management, or Marketing will help prepare you for this exciting world.

Business administration-management graduates work in general management, human resources, and training and development.


The mission of the Management Program is to develop and enhance students' ability to effectively engage in interpersonal, leadership, process, and decision making activities in diverse organizations.

Quality undergraduate teaching and learning is our top priority.  The management program supports the missions of the College of Business and Economics and UWRF by contributing expertise in leadership development, ethics, organizational diversity, human resource management, operations, international business, and strategy.

Learning Outcomes

A management graduate will be able to

1. Manage conflict using knowledge and skills that will allow them to:

  • Identify conflict situations
  • Implement a situation appropriate resolution at the interpersonal level
  • Implement a situation appropriate resolution at the organizational level.

2. Motivate themselves and others using knowledge and skills that will allow them to:

  • Recognize personal and situational factors that motivate people
  • Use their understanding of personal and situational factors dynamics to motivate people to achieve personal and organizational goals.

3. Influence using knowledge and skills that will allow them to:

  • Apply influence in team and managerial situations
  • Use tools and techniques that enable effective influence

4. Make decisions using knowledge and skills that will allow them to:

  • Articulate the difference between problem solving and decision making.
  • Define needs and opportunities
  • Demonstrate the ability to get to the root causes of needs and opportunities
  • Develop appropriate responses to the root causes of needs and opportunities
  • Include ethical consideration in decision making
  • Include creativity in decision making
  • Identify relevant data and effectively use it to solve management and organizational problems
  • Use multiple decision making tools/processes to make effective decisions as individuals and as part of a team
  • Effectively implement decisions.

Business Administration faculty members have appropriate graduate degrees and experience in the business world. They are active in research in human resources, product pricing models, advertising, securities valuation, and international competition. Faculty advise students in the selection of appropriate courses, career considerations, finding an internship, learning about overseas study programs, and conducting independent research projects.

Darryl Miller, Management and Marketing Chair

Charles Corcoran, Finance Chair

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Marketing Faculty:

Finance Faculty:

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