Chancellor's Award for Students

2016 Chancellor's Award for Students                         

The Award

The Chancellor's Award recognizes students who possess the qualities of leadership, service, and commitment and acknowledges a student's unique personal traits and skills. This award is granted to upper class students or graduate students and is not solely based on scholastic achievement. As of 2015, graduate students are also considered eligible for this prestigious award. The recipients will receive the award at the Chancellor's Award Reception for students in April.

Criteria for Selection

The criteria for selection is based on exceptional leadership skills with service and commitment to the university and community through various projects and activities. Distinguishing attributes, unique personality traits, and special talents are also considered in the selection process. A student may receive the Chancellor's Award only once during his or her undergraduate or graduate career.

Nomination Process

Nominations and support letters can come from any individual willing to provide them. A faculty or staff member, an organization leader or adviser, or even a fellow student, may serve as your nominator or supporter.  A student can also nominate him/herself for the award, but it would likely make a more compelling nomination if the student were to request another individual to serve as their nominator.

The following 5 documents must be submitted by March 4, 2016 in MS Word or PDF document format:

  • Nomination Form
  • The nominator's letter: Include examples of nominee's leadership, service, and contributions to the university and community.
  • Nominee's Resume
  • First letter of support: From faculty/staff/students or community leader
  • Second letter of support: From faculty/staff/students or community leaders

Submitting Nomination Documents

  • Send all five documents as e-mail attachments to
  • Address the subject line with "Chancellor's Award" and the students name

Tips for Nominators

  • Nominators should set up a dedicated folder on their local hard drive to keep documents organized
  • Letters of support can be sent to the nominator as an e-mail message. The nominator should then copy and paste the text of the letter into a word document that can be sent as an attachment.

The Selection Committee for the Chancellor's Award consists of designated representatives from the following university areas:

  • Chancellor's Office
  • College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Business and Economics
  • College of Education and Professional Studies
  • Student Affairs
  • Student Senate (2)

Chancellor Award for Students 04232015 kmh 9 2013 CA-Students   
Recipients of the 2015 Chancellor's Award for Students, pictured with Chancellor Dean Van Galen. Front row from left: Haley Klinker, College of Arts and Sciences, International Studies Major, Spanish, Psychology Minor; Randall J. Pfeifer, College of Business & Economics, Business Administration and Computer Sciences Major; Julie Vang, College of Arts and Sciences, Sociology and International Studies Major; Lyndsay Hage, College of Arts and Sciences, Psychology, Biology Major; Second Row from left: Chancellor Dean Van Galen; Samuel Tauchen, College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences, Agricultural Education Major, Psychology Minor; Daniel Saunders, College of Arts and Sciences, Biology Major, Geographic Information Systems Minor; Cheng-Yen Lee, College of Education and Professional Studies, Elementary Education Major, Coaching Minor.