Years of Service and Retirements


The University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) values the contributions individuals have made to its success.  Excellence is achieved by the dedication of each individual.  Length of service awards are based on the years of service to UWRF and to the State of Wisconsin.  All employees who reached a milestone year (10, 15, 20, 25, etc.) in 2015, will be honored at a special luncheon on April 23, 2015.  This recognition occurs during the calendar year in which the milestone occurs. Retirements honored in 2015 encompassed all known retirees since May of last year.

If you have a question about years of service or retirements, please contact Human Resources at 3382.

                                            Years of Service 2014

35 Years
Gregory Elliott
Terry Ferriss
Lynette Pfremmer
Brian Schultz

30 Years
Perry Clark
David Kuether
Daniel McGinty
Mary-Alice Muraski
Susan Rogers
Robert Toftness
James Zimmerman

25 Years
Hossein Eftekari  (2010)
Steven Freeman
Karen Klyczek
Steven Luebke
James Madsen
Florence Monsour
Imtiaz Moosa
Debra Schwab
Helen Spasojevich
Donald Stovall
Timothy Thum




20 Years
Doreen Cegielski
Dawn Godt
Linda Jacobson
Michael Polta
Ogden Rogers
Kristi Wagner
Daniel Waletzko
Patrick Wrenn

15 Years
Diana Alfuth
William Anderson
Andrew Bergquist
Joseph Cranston
Melissa Davis
Kurt Donelson
Jamie Dunn
Marlene Foster
Mary Foster
Kimberly Gould Speckman
Craig Hara
Cynthia Kernahan
Bruce Knegendorf
Eileen Korenic
Judith Kubera
Lowell McCann
Joseph McIntosh
Clio McLagan
Daniel Miller
Karl Peterson
Ellen Schultz
David Sorenson
Michael Stifter
Laura Walsh
Pamela Weller

10 Years
Jennifer Elsesser
Joseph Fischer
Ioana Ghenciu
Mark Gillis
Rita Hanson
Janie Huot
Arpankumar Jani
William Jones Jr
Mari Kluck
Crystal Lanning
Amy Lloyd
Matthew Meyer
Tracy O'Connell
Vladimir Pavlov
Kiril Petkov
Amber Qureshi
Carole Smith
Sarah Smits
Kaylee Spencer
Matthew Vonk
Jennifer Willis-Rivera






                                                     Debra Allyn ~ Health and Human Performance          

                                                         William Anderson ~  Plant and Earth Science

                                                         Mary Lou Bean ~  Social Work

                                                 Betty Bergland  ~  History and Philosophy

                                                           Jacqueline Brux  ~  Economics

                                                  Kathleen Drecktrah  ~  Technology Services

                                                Thomas Engesether  ~  Building Maintenance

                                               Lawrence Engesether  ~  Building Maintenance

                                       Barbara Franzen  ~  College of Business and Economics

                                                       William Girnau  ~  Heating Plant

                                           Donald Glover  ~  Health and Human Performance

                                                        Brent Greene  ~  Global Connections

                                                                 Keith Hansen  ~  Building Maintenance

                                            Charles Hurt  ~ Computer Science and Information Systems

                                                                 Gary Knigge  ~  Technology Services

                                                                  James Larson  ~  Custodial Services

                                             John LeCapitaine  ~  Counseling and School Psychology

                                                      Tracy O'Connell  ~  Marketing Communications

                                                                     David Pepi  ~  Teacher Education

                                                   Glenn Potts  ~  College of Business and Economics

                                                                          Susan Rogers  ~  Economics

                                                             Dean Speetzen  ~  Building Maintenance

                                                   Kathleen Svoboda  ~  College of Arts and Sciences

                                                      Richard Trende  ~  Police Department/Parking

                                                                      Jerry Waller ~ Student Affairs

                                                                   David Yurchak  ~   Mathematics

                                                                         Richard Zlogar  ~  English