Years of Service and Retirements

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The University of Wisconsin-River Falls (UWRF) values the contributions individuals have made to its success.  Excellence is achieved by the dedication of each individual.  Length of service awards are based on the years of service to UWRF and to the State of Wisconsin.  All employees who reached a milestone year (10, 15, 20, 25, etc.) in 2016, will be honored at a special luncheon on April 28, 2016.  This recognition occurs during the calendar year in which the milestone occurs. Retirements honored in 2016 encompassed all known retirees since May of last year.

If you have a question about years of service or retirements, please contact Human Resources at x-3382.

Years of Service 2016

35 Years
Donovan Taylor

30 Years
Earl Blodgett
Dale Braun
Rita Zawislak-Brandt

25 Years
Davida Alperin
Betsy Barrett
Richard Cernohous
Keith Chavey
Jeffery Gartner
Lisa Isenberg
Barbara Nielsen
Kathy Tomlinson
Susan Voelker

20 Years 
Joy Amel
John Ford
Debra Martin
Robert Ritzer
Melissa Wilson
Susan Zimmer

15 Years
Patrick Baillargeon
Thomas Barnett
Kristine Butler
Sally Fields
Matt Fitzgerald
James Graham
Lurene Johnson
Timothy Lyden
Jason Machtemes
Daniel Marchand
Patrick O'Keefe
Linda Onan
Thomas Pedersen
Daniel Peterson
Sara Solland
Glenn Spiczak
Keven Syverson
Travis Tubre
Anne Tuveson
Daniel Vande Yacht
Susan Watters
Michael Woolsey
Zhiguo Yang
Kathy Young

10 Years
Dustin Andert
Michael Babler
Kelli Bowe
Pamela Bowen
Mathew Dooley
Laura Edman
Ann Elling
Connie Fassino
Leah Flanagan
Dale Gallenberg
Molly Gerrish
Eric Graham
Naomi Hashimoto
Victoria Houseman
Syvlia Kehoe
Nora Koch
John Krumm
June Li
Jerry Liddell
Peter Mak
Casey Maude
Mialisa Moline
Maureen Olle-LaJoie
Marina Onken
Jerralyn Peterson
Pedro Renta
Charles Rickard
Stephen Rohl
Anthony Rubis
Jamie Schneider
Debra Shafer
Stacy Vollmers
James Walsh


Retirements 2016

Craig Carlson ~ Building Maintenance

Marilyn Cossette Baker ~ Library

Linda Culhane ~ Communication Sciences and Disorders

Steven DeWald ~ College of Business and Economics

Gary Eloranta ~ Health and Human Performance

Terry Ferriss ~ Plant and Earth Sciences

Mary Foster ~ College of Arts and Sciences

Maren Gebhard ~ Mathematics

Linda Jordan ~ Academic Success Center

Sallie Klink – Central Stores and Postal Services

Tari Larson ~ Teacher Education Field Experience

Ronald Lundgren ~ Building Maintenance

David Rainville ~ Chemistry and Biotechnology

Edward Robins ~ Sociology, Criminology and Anthropology

Jeffry Rosenthal ~ Chemistry

James Roy ~ Music

Brian Schultz ~ College of Business and Economics

Connie Simpson ~ Political Science

Larry Solberg ~ College of Education and Professional Studies

Barbara Stinson ~ Financial Aid

Richard Stinson ~ Internal Audit

Kathleen Sumter ~ Chemistry and Biotechnology

James Thies ~ Sports Information

Deborah Wros ~ University Center Services

James Zimmerman ~ Stage and Screen Arts