Year Of . . . Strategic Initiative at UW-River Falls

One of the three goals of the UW-River Falls Strategic Plan, Pathway to Distinction, is Global Education and Engagement.  In 2013, UW-River Falls will initiate the "Year of . . .", an exciting program to help meet that global education and engagement goal.  The "Year Of" program allows faculty, students, and community participants to break down stereotypes and connect across cultures.  During the year, various educational and cultural activities will highlight a specific country and engage faculty and staff members, students and others in raising awareness of that country.  During 2013-2014, we will celebrate the Year of Germany, while 2014-2015 will be the Year of China and 2015-2016 will be the Year of Mexico at UW-River Falls.  Join with us in celebrating these and other countries in years to come.

Motion from the Executive Committee (Wes Chapin, Chair) to create a new administrative committee, 

"The Year of . . . Implementation Committee," 

and to place the following language into Chapter II of the Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook in the appropriate alphabetic/numerical sequence.


  1. Provost or designee (who will serve as chair), 
  2. Director of Library or designee, 
  3. Director of Student Life, 
  4. Director of Global Connections, 
  5. Representative of Food Services, 
  6. Chair of the International Programs Committee or designee, 
  7. Chair of Student Senate or designee,
  8. two or more faculty and/or staff (including the proposers of a given year)

Terms:  Three years, except the proposers, Student Senate Chair or designee, and Chair of the International Programs Committee or designee shall serve one-year terms.


  1. To implement the "Year of…" schedule as determined by the International Programs Committee (i.e. the countries selected).
  2. To provide broad vision and master planning to implement the "Year of…"
  3. To solicit application for and allocation of resources budgeted for the "Year of…"
  4. To address other issues appropriate for the implementation of the "Year of…"

Motion was approved as amended, with 16 in favor, none opposed, and 4 abstentions.