Blake Fry (120 North Hall)
Special Assistant to the Chancellor

Deb Toftness (120 North Hall)
Communications Specialist

Jeff Gartner (Rodli Hall)
Computer Printing Technician

Jim Thies (123p Hagestad Hall)
Sports Information Director

Joe Blum (133 Kleinpell Fine Arts)
Video Producer

Karen Zander (120 North Hall/Rodli Hall)
Graphic Designer

Kathy Helgeson (120 North Hall)
Media Specialist

Mark Andrle (Rodli Hall)
Printing Services Supervisor

Phil Olle-LaJoie (Rodli Hall)
Computer Printing Technician

Ritch Ellingson (120 North Hall)
Graphic Designer

Tony Bredahl (120 North Hall)
Art Director


University Communications is located at:

120 North Hall
410 S. 3rd Street
River Falls, WI 54022

Main Phone: 715-425-3771
Fast Copy: 715-425-3325
Photo Services: 715-425-3772
Design: 715-425-3768
Marketing: 715-425-3787
Sports Information: 715-425-3846
Fax: 715-425-4486