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How to:

  1. Select the calendar or calendars on which the event should appear. To bring special attention to an event with a broad audience, choose the Public Events and Outreach calendar. To place the event on the university home page, choose the Event Type "Featured Public Events for the Home Page."

  2. Fill in the fields.

    Title: Short but specific.

    Title URL: the URL for a Web page with more information, if you have one

    Location: Type in the room and building.

    Location URL: the URL for the map to the building (visit to find your map).

    Event Description: Should be a concise description pasted from plain text and then formatted (add more extensive information in the Custom Fields Tab at the bottom under Additional Info).

    View Source: Shows you the html code for the text in Event Description.

    Add Image: Allows you to include an image, such as a photo of a speaker.

    Event Date: Use the calendar to pick a date. You can also choose multiple dates for recurring events.

    Emails Tab: You can send an e-mail to people you want to invite. Separate e-mail addresses with commas or semicolons.

    Attachments Tab: You can include attachments for download from the calendar, such as registration forms or brochures.

  3. Click Preview to see what your entry will look like.

  4. Close the Preview and Click Submit.


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