U.S. Pre-Trial Services Internship

316 Robert St. N #674
St. Paul, MN 55101
Ph. 651-848-1270


Students identified postive aspects of this placement:
  • At first, I thought it was going to suck because it was on the federal level and no one would have time to teach me. But it was just the opposite, they worked with me and I got to know alot of people from other agencies on a first name basis. I got much more out of it than I expected. (2002)
  • Friendly and helpful staff, you do not have to do anything that you are not comfortable doing, wide range of skills and knowledge learned, great amount of exposure to offenders on a personal basis, learn about the U.S. Court system and criminal justice system, great for resume. (2001)
  • Each intern is treated as a regular officer and is asked to complete the same tasks as full-time officers. (1996)
  • The agency treats you as a full-fledge pretrial services officer. You perform the exact same duties as any of the officers in the department. (1995)
Students identified difficulties in this placement:
  • The only difficulties that I had was being able to get the wording right on the bond reports. That is because I am not good at English. (2002)
  • Must wear professional clothing (suit and tie); no possible job placement within the agency (2001)
  • There were no real difficulties that I encountered with this internship. The only difficulty was not with my internship duties, but with parking! (1996)
  • You may go weeks before you have interviews. It is impossible to predict when the case agents will make arrests or the Grand Jury hands down indictments. (1995)