Extended Housing

What is Extended housing?
Extended housing provides temporary housing for students who turn in a late contract and are unable to be assigned a permanent space. These rooms are still located within the Residence halls. Rooms used for extended housing can accommodate 6 students. These spaces are completely secure and lockable.

Where can I find Extended housing policies and details
View the Extended Housing section at the bottom of our Housing Contract Policies web page.

Where will I be able to do laundry?
Since extended housing is still in the residence halls, you will have full access to the laundry facilities located in the basement of your hall.

What about long distance phone calls?
You will  need to use your cell phone.

Where do I go to get my mail?
Those living in extended housing will need to pick their mail up at the front desk of their hall. They will need to bring their student ID in order to claim their mail.

How long will it be before I am assigned to a permanent space?
Some students may be reassigned before the academic year begins. Some students may be reassigned within a few days of your official hall move-in date. Others may be in extended housing for much of the first semester. When you are moved from extended housing to permanent housing, you will receive an e-mail sent to your UWRF e-mail address containing your new room location and roommate information.  Students will be reassigned to permanent spaces based on contract date order. 

Should I bring all my personal belongings?
We advise against bringing all of your personal belongings and large items, such as TV’s.  Due to space constraints, it would be advisable to pack light and bring items on an “as needed” basis.

What furniture is provided?
Each room will have 3 sets of bunk beds, 6 dressers, a table & 6 chairs, 3 refrigerators, and 2 TV/computer boxes. Numbers may vary slightly. All extended housing spaces are equipped with cable TV and internet access.

Homemade/rented lofts are not allowed.

Will the cost of the room be different for those living in extended housing?
There is no cost break for students living in our extended housing areas.

What about parking my car?
Student parking information may be obtained from the Parking Office web site.

Who should I contact if I need help solving a problem?
Since you are still in the residences halls and will be assigned to a wing, you will have Resident Assistant (RA). In the event that you need help, your RA will be there for support, as well as your Hall Director and staff in the Residence Life Office.

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