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Rooms, Spaces and Capacities

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Special Rooms and spaces

Riverview Ballroom/Falcon's Nest

Riverview Ballroom and Falcon's Nest Request Guidelines

Riverview Ballroom and Falcon's Nest are specialized facilities that require active coordination to make sure your event is successful. 

  1. Request the space.

  2. The space is reserved in a tentative status until you meet with Campus Reservations staff.

  3. All details need to be received a minimum of 30 days prior to the event.

  4. The $25.00 late add/change fee applies to these spaces.


Labs Special space use requests are needed for all lab spaces on campus.

Contact Reservationsmail for a list of specific contact persons for lab space use on campus.

There are many lab-type spaces on campus that are controlled by the particular university department responsible for those spaces. While you can request to use a lab space on campus using the Campus-Wide Scheduling system, the request to use that space will be forwarded to the appropriate lab space contact person for approval. Please allow extra time when requesting lab-type spaces on campus.

Vendor Tables

Vendor Tables in University Center

Vendor tables are available for recognized student organizations to use in University Center. It is important for groups using the vendor tables to remain behind the table at all times. Here is an excerpt from the University Center's Policy regarding vendor tables:

  • G. Solicitation in University Centers
    Campus policy prohibits solicitation in University Centers. Upon approval from the Director of the University Center, groups are allowed to disperse information to students from behind a table. Groups are not allowed to approach students or others using University Centers facilities. This policy applies to material for sale, materials to be given away and to verbal conversations aimed at persuading students to a particular point of view.

Vendor Tables (in buildings other than University Center)

Please contact the Dean's office located in the specific building you'd like to request to use a vendor table. For example, The Dean of Arts and Sciences office handles vendor tables in the Kleinpell Fine Arts Building and Centennial Science Hall and the Dean of Agriculture Food and Environmental Sciences office handles vendor tables in the Ag Science Complex.

Falls Room

Falls Room use via Riverside Commons

There are certain conditions that the University Center Falls Room can be reserved and used for events that allow access to the all-you-care-to eat Dining Service meal plan in Riverside Commons:

  1. The event must be pre-approved by Dining Services/Sodexo (a head count of meal plan participants and cash paying participants must be included in pre-approval process)

  2. Campus Reservationsmail must be notified that the group plans to use Riverside Commons at the time the room reservation is processed

  3. Campus Reservations will program the door alarm system(s) so that the group will access Riverside at a specific time. (no early entries before stated time are allowed)

Other people on campus can help you with these areas

Rooms, Spaces and Capacities


Art Gallery

Art Department (715) 425-3266

Blanche Davis Theater

Communication Studies Department (715) 425-3971

Computer Labs Scheduling

Technology Services, Marlene Foster (715) 425-3687

Hunt Arena/Knowles Center/Outdoor Fields/Karges Center/ENB

Recreation and Sport Facilities Facility Request Form or e-mail hunt@uwrf.edumail

Kao International House


North Hall Conference Room

Chancellor's Office (715) 425-3201

South Hall Alumni Room

University Advancement (715) 425-3505

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