Data Request Information

The Campus Data Reports page houses much of our retention, enrollment, and academic progress review data.

Data Request Policy

To guarantee accuracy and customer satisfaction, Institutional Research requires a two week turnaround period for all requests. If you are submitting a request with a deadline under this two week period, please be aware that we may be unable to accommodate your request.

Data Access

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) limits the type of information we can include without further permissions because we must protect the privacy of educational records and shall not disclose personally identifiable information about students.  If a student has officially requested to restrict the release of their data, we cannot include this student's data.

Data Request Form

For data, please submit a request form. Information on how to fill out the form, how requests are prioritized, and/or the issue category definitions, are provided below.

Prioritization of Requests

Each data request received by Institutional Research is given a prioritization code. Requests are ranked on a scale from urgent to low.

Issue Category Definitions

Once a request is received in Institutional Research, it moves through multiple stages before it reaches completion.

Contact Information:

104 North Hall