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Degree Audit Reports

What is a DAR?
A Degree Audit Report (DAR) provides a record of your undergraduate academic progress toward completion of a specific degree program. The DAR reviews your UW-River Falls Course work, including in-progress courses, and all transfer coursework to evaluate the completion of the requirements for your specific degree. The DAR itemizes specific requirements and shows the steps that you have taken or need to take to complete your degree.

If I have a current DAR, do I still need to see my advisor?
Absolutely! The DAR is designed to assist you and your advisor in choosing the courses that best fit your degree goals. It is not designed to replace your academic advisor. Your advisor can assist you with academic advising, career counseling, and can help you to understand the DAR better.

How do I get a Degree Audit Report?
DARs can be requested through the eSIS. The DAR is electronically processed, returned to an eSIS page and also e-mailed to your official on-campus e-mail address. in eSIS - How to

How do I read a DAR? pdf file

I think that DARS is wrong…?
It is important to remember that DARS is a computer software program, not an individual. If there is incorrect information in DARS for you personally, it may be because the information in the computer is incomplete or simply inaccurate. Simple errors can easily be corrected. Errors as a result of a student not following their degree program as specified in the college catalog should be addressed with the student’s advisor.

Can I count courses in more than one requirement?
In some cases a course may apply to more than one requirement and will appear on your DAR more than once. However, the credits for these courses will be applied only once to the cumulative credits and GPA. Courses which have been retaken will only receive credit once.

If I have a program exception, will it take effect on the DAR?
Any exceptions or substitutions to your degree program that have been received in the Registrar's Office will be entered on the DAR. The exception can usually be found in the affected requirement.  Exceptions need to be approved and submitted directly to our office.  If you are requesting an exception in your University Requirements, General Education, or College Requirements, you would need to see the Dean of your College.  If the exception falls within your major or minor, you would need to see the department chair of the major or minor.

I am thinking of changing majors, can I get a DAR that shows how my courses will fit into the new major and degree program?
Yes, the DAR gives you the opportunity to see how the courses that you have taken could apply to different requirements in different degree programs. We call this a 'What If' DAR. A "What If" DARdocument can be requested through eSIS.

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