Degree Audit Reports

What is a Degree Audit Report (DAR)?
A Degree Audit Report (DAR) provides a record of your academic progress toward completion of a specific degree program. The DAR reviews your UW-River Falls course work, including in-progress courses, and all transfer coursework to evaluate the completion of the requirements for your specific degree. The DAR itemizes specific requirements and shows the steps that you have taken or need to take to complete your degree.

Obtaining a DAR

  • Log-in to your eSIS account
  • Locate the drop down menu in the middle of your home page just to the left of your class schedule
  • Select "Degree Audit" (the list is alphabetized)
  • click the blue arrow button to the right of the drop down menu
  • Make sure your majors, emphases, and minors are correct
    • Check the box in the upper right to run a "What If" DAR - this allows you to run a DAR for a different major, emphasis, or minor then you currently have without actually changing your major, emphasis, or minor
    • Fill in the new majors, emphases, and minors desired for the "What If" DAR by typing them in and selecting from the menu that appears or by clicking on the magnifying glass to select them from a list of all majors, emphases, and minors
      *** If the major, emphasis, or minor has a minus sign in front of it, it is no longer valid for use
  • Select the "Go" button
  • Your DAR will be brought up in a new tab for you to view

*** You must have your pop-up blocker disabled in order for your DAR to be loaded
*** If you are using Internet Explorer 11 you must first allow as a trusted site. You can do this by going to internet options, selecting the security tab, click on trusted sites, then click the "sites" button, and add https://* as a trusted site. You will then be able to run your DAR.

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DAR Request

Running a "What If" DAR
What If DAR

How to Read You Interactive DAR 

Double Counting Courses
In some cases a course may apply to more than one requirement and will appear on your DAR more than once. However, the credits for these courses will be applied only once to the cumulative credits and GPA. Courses which have been retaken will only receive credit once.

Double Counting Conditions

  • Courses cannot fulfill more than one general education requirement
  • General education courses cannot be double counted in a student's first major
  • A general education course can however be counted in the "required supporting courses" section of a major as well as the general education requirement
  • Up to two general education courses can be double counted towards a minor, a second major, a broad area major, or a comprehensive major

Program Exceptions
A program exception is an exception made allowing a course to fulfill the requirement of a similar course. Exceptions need to be approved and submitted directly to our office. If you are requesting an exception in your University Requirements, General Education, or College Requirements, you would need to see the Dean of your College. If the exception falls within your major or minor, you would need to see the department chair of the major or minor. Any exceptions or substitutions to your degree program that have been received in the Registrar's Office will be entered on your DAR.

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