3M Corp., MN Display & graphics
  Univ. of Minnesota, MN Groundwater at bioreactors
  3M Corp., MN New adhesive testing
  Banner Engineering, MN Research
  3M Corp., MN Industrial adhesives & tapes
  3M Corp., MN Employment
  3M Corp., MN Optical displays


Worcester, England Physics engines as simulators
  Trane Employment
  Colgate Univ., NY Entangled photons
  North Dakota State Univ., ND Research
  UW-River Falls, WI Bar-resonator interaction in marimbas
  UW-River Falls, WI Snow effect on IceTop


Ecuador Radio & television broadcast electronics


UW-Madison, WI Energy storage in salts
  Univ. of Stockholm, Sweden IceCube in-ice camera and cosmic ray detector on Oden Icebreaker
  Michigan State Univ., MI Optical tweezers
  Oden Icebreaker, Antarctica Cosmic ray attenuation with latitude
  Vanderbilt Univ., TN Globular cluster modeling
  UW-River Falls, WI Lab & demo improvements
  UW-River Falls, WI Radio telescope construction
  Vanderbilt Univ., TN East-west muon asymmetry
  Vermeer Employment
  3M Corp., MN Research
  Michigan State Univ., MI Nuclear physics
  UW-River Falls, WI IceCube neutrino telescope