Senior Seminars

Academic Year



2013-2014 Danica Alvarez
UWRF Neutron Monitor-Using Moderators to Increase Neutron Detection Effiency

Francis Caruso
Phase Shifting Interferometry, A Powerful Measurement Tool

Troy Cran
Testing the Moduli of Elasticity of Aluminum, Zinc-Plated Steel, Steel, and 40% Glass Fiber Polypropylene and Comparing Them to Cost

Rory Jones
Fabrication of the Piezoelectric Driver for a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Samantha Oswald
Proton Beam Therapy Using Geant4

Andrew Puyleart
Designing a Pre-Amplifier Circuit for a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

Matt Schmitt
Leidenfrost Ratchets and the Forces that Drive Them

Ranee Skinner
Free Energy: Solar Cells from Recycled Materials

2012-2013 Zach Anderson
Properties of a Potato Cannon

Wes Barnes
Using CERS to Investigate a Possible Relationship Between Position and Radius of an Optically Trapped Aerosol Droplet

Ben Beaudoin
A Control and Sensing System for a Hard Sphere Scattering Apparatus

Noah Biros
Measurement of Resistance and Temperature for a High-Temperature Superconductor

Tyler Capek
Creating a Pulsed Laser for Thin Film Deposition Applications

Emily Dvorak
A Review of the Science of Neutron Monitors

Charlotte Evans
Temperature Dependence of Zinc Oxide Etching in Benzoic Acid

Tyler Jacobson
Testing a New Piston Head Design in an Internal-Combustion Engine

Andrew Klitzke
Design and Construction of a Control Interface for Computer-Numeric Controlled Laser Machining

Alesha Radke
Examination of T-Sensor Microfludic Device Construction

Brendan Reed
Producing Single-Bubble Sonoluminescence

Laura Rogers
Mechanical Properties of Polylactic Acid

William Ryan
Digital Control System of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope

2011-2012 Josh Anderson
Velocity Temperature Dependence for Water on a Leidenfrost Rachet

Scott Clark
Computer Control of an AC Servo Driven X-Y Table for Laser Machining

Alex Jewel
Acoustic Levitation by Means of Ultrasonic Transducers

Michael McAllister
Chaos in Chua's Circuit

James Rust
The Impact of Tempurature on the Radiance of Ultraviolet LEDs Using Water and Air Cooling

Amanda Steck
The Study of Aerosol Droplets Using Optical Trapping and CERS

Kathleen Vignali
Obtaining Optimum Solar Panel Efficiency

Matthew Wolf
Pressure Dependence of Ramon Spectroscopy of Liquid Water
2010-2011 James Allen
NASCAR Drafting in a Wind Tunnel
  Paul Bartlett
Wireless Energy Transfer
2009-2010 Cadie Boyung
Light Emitting Bubbles
  Jeremy Clounch
Investigating Quicksand
  Matt Cady
Using Physics to Ruin a Child's Toy
  Lee Massey
Synchronization of Multiple Metronomes within a System Containing a Non-driven Physics Pendulum
  Tyler Campbell
Determining the Expansion Rate of the Universe
  Samual McCutcheon
Study of Chaotic Behavior in a Simple Electronic Circuit
  Nicholas Iverson
Design and Construction of a Thermal Energy Storage Device
  Aaron Lemmer
Construction of a Diode-Pumped 532nm ND:YVO4 Laser with Cr:YAG Passive Q-switching and Intracavity KTP Frequency Doubling
  Scott Denger
Biomechanics of Distance Running
  Mitch Andrejka
Investigation of the Ground Reaction Force of a Jump using Various Landing Techniques
  Elizabeth Denkinger
Time Efficiency Comparison between Induction and Electric Cooktops
  Michael Fitzl
Using Automated Methods to Analyze Dry Concrete for Proper Air Entrainment
  Forest Kirschbaum
IceCube - Giant Thermometer
  Seth Matucheski
Parameter Space Optimization of Design for Coil and Permanent Magnet Options for a Generator for a Human Powered Electric Bicycle
  Shawntel Murphy
Motion of Optically Trapped Salt Water Droplets
  Abby Riddick
Implementation of LED Flasher Data to Increase Simulation Accuracy for the IceCube Project
  Luke Titus
Coupled Oscillator Models of Dark Energy
  Craig Witte
Determination of the Superconducting Critical Temperature for YBa2Cu3O7-x
2008-2009 Jay Anderson
The Mcgyan Process: A New Way of Making Biodiesel
  Sean Wolf
Using Optical Contrast to Spot Graphene
  Luke Hafstad
Implementation of a 4-bit Decimation-in-Time Radix-2 FFT on an FPGA
  Devin Underwood
Building an Iron Cored High Temperature Superconducting Solenoid
  Sarah Woods
Efficient Non-radiative Mid-range Wireless Power Transfer
  Matt Blodgett
Investigating IceTop Detector Behavior using Tagged Muons
  Matt Brotzler
Theoretically Determining the color Change of a Liquid Crystal
  Jesse Goebel
Wing Tip Vortex Reduction with the Introduction of Winglets
  David Johnson
Using Energy Density and Thickness to Find Efficient Laser Cutting Settings
  Bridget Onan
Acoustical Resonators and the Marimba
  Patrick Powers
Fractals and Their Effects on Quantum Mechanics


Charles Bardel    

Electronic Proximity Aid for the Blind: A Vibrating Electronic Proximity Belt


Ann Deml 

The Zeeman Effect


Travis Getzie

Designing and Building a Micro-Raman Spectrometer


Dan Musekamp

The Movement of a Chaotic Waterwheel


John O'Brien-Schroeder 

Adaptive Optics and Image Enhancement through Deconvolution


Francis Vorasane

The Tilt-A-Whirl: Unpredictable and Possibly Chaotic


Katherine Ward

Biological Propagation of Electrical Signals Through Artificial Neurological Tissue


Scott DeWolf

Measuring Reverberant Sound Fields with a 3D Microphone Array


Reime Jahr

Chaotic Motion of the Tabletop Tilt-A-Whirl


Tom Johnson

Measuring Cosmic Ray Air Showers


Dan Kopchinski  

PZT Driver Circuit for a Single-bubble Sonoluminescence Experiment


Amanda Lundgren

Frequency Spectra Comparison of Instruments Within the Same Family


Amanda Pittman

An Introduction to Ellipsometry and the Theory of its Operation


Allen Riley

Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell Construction and Observed Responses to Applied Voltages


Justin Smith

Autonomous Control of a Balance Beam


Mike Sykora

Optical Clarity Characterization of Poly(methyl methacrylate)


Mike Tate

Quantitative Verification of the Which-Way Experiment Using Single Photons


Josh Wynveen

It is Chaos!: Rotational Dynamics of a Magnetic Dipole in a Time-Varying Magnetic Field


Luke Chambers

Building a MagnetoHydrodynamic Propulsion System


Alex Dix

Single Bubble Sonoluminescence


Jon Eisch

Design and Construction of a Time-Synchronized Portable Muon Tagger


Patrick Fillmore

Developing Experiments in Electron Optics


Heather Lunn

Demonstrating Chaotic Motion with a Tabletop Tilt-a-Whirl


Stephen Taubel

No-Bounce Cart-Making Internal Thermal Energy Visible


Jeremy Tilsen

Undergraduate Scanning Tunneling Microscopy


Tracy Mayer

A Twist on Light: A Faraday Rotation Experiment


Joe Exner

Modeling of a Homemade Cosmic Ray Telescope


Anthony Landberg

Study of a Standing Wave Thermoacoustic Refrigerator


Nick Olsen

The Rijke Tube Phenomenon


Bill Kalk

Determining Planck's Constant Through LED Characteristics


Kyle Hoegh

Water Bottle Analysis Using a DMA


Jesse Ahlert

Magnetohydrodynamic Propulsion


Jeff Herfindal

Laser Communication Under Raman-Nath Conditions


Ashton Flinders

Properties of an Activated Energy System: A Magnetic Pendulum


Robert Wicklund

Stereoscopic Imaging and Projection Using the Cross-Polarization Technique


Mike Majer

Telescope Angular Resolution Quantification Using Double Stars


Alan Kruizenga

PET Optical Properties


Ryan Bruvold

Microscopic Displacements of a Wood Block Under Static Friction


Arriety Lowell

The Motion of a Magnetic Pendulum


Jackie Meyer

Investigation of Reflectance Wavelengths due to the Change in Incident Angle of Light on Cholesteric Liquid Crystals


Angela Thomley

The Theory of Liquid Crystals Viewed at Varying Angles


Andrew Hoerneman

An Experiment with a Boltzmann Machine


Joe Ott

A Forced Rayleigh Scattering Experiment Intended to Measure the Mass Diffusion Coefficient of a Methyl Red Solution


Kyle Jacobsen

Mechanical Properties of Polyethylene Films Containing Spherulites


Brendan J. (BJ) Poore

Finding Problems with Freshmen Wheels


Brandon Rice

Optical Trap Characterization with a Two Axis Microscope


Regina Schindel

A Scanning Fabry-Perot Interferometer


Jeremy Licht

Explaining the Near Field Sound Radiated by a Trident Tuning Fork


Casey D. Keller

Holography in the High School Classroom


Thomas Walch

Homemade Cosmic Ray Detection


Matthew N. Bauer

Moving Metal with Electrons: [Rail] Guns in the Classroom


Brad Booher

Effects of Various Elements on Gas Based Muon Detectors


Michael Brown

Intracavity Frequency Doubled Nd:YVO4/KTP Green Laser


Tony Dabruzzi

Designing, Building, and Instrumenting a Gas Turbine Engine


Joshua A. Knutson

The Relative Breaking Strength of Knots


Emily Lombard

Characterization of Particle Motion in an Optical Trap


Steven McKinley

Thin-Film Strain Gage


Justin C. Peskar

Design and Implementation of a Standing Wave Thermoacoustic Refrigerator


Peter Bohacek

Design and Construction of a Panoramic Pinhole Camera


Jesse Gavin



Matt Haase

Physics of the Tractor Pull Sled


Brian Louks

Siegmund: the Simulation and Analysis Software Package for the AMANDA Project


Dwight Luhman

The Effects of Slanted Floors on Granular Flows in Two-Dimensional Silos


Aaron A. Parr

Wavelet Signal Analysis


Dominic Schroepfer

Growing Large Crystals of Pentacene and Tetracene


Lisa Bates

Laboratory Reproduction of a Mirage Using Sugar Water


Maya Arnott

DDP Image Processing on CCD Images


Tim Beach

Pressure Waves in the Atmosphere


Greg Fuchs

Vibrating, Traveling Strings


Christina Nieman

Fourier Transforms on Apertures


Dan Hagstrom

Galloping Gertie and a Look at Resonance in Suspension Bridges


William Tireman

Laser Spectroscopy of the Rubidium D1 Transition


Scott Jensen

Mechanical Properties of Polymers using Nanotechnology


Brian J. Zadler

Automating Data Acquisition Using Labtech Software


Lisa Raney

Simulating the Earth's Magnetic Field: How Close Have We Come?


Philip Borawski

Visible Light Interferometry in the Measurement of the Angular Separation of Binary Stars


Joshua Kalk

Surface Diffusion Below the Roughening Temperature


Phil Goebel

The Design and Implemantation of a Three State Logic System


Ryan Martin

Testing the Dispersion Theory of Slinky Whistlers


Chris Beskar

Polonium Powered Planes and a Less Apocalyptic Look at Radioisotopes as Turbine Engine Heat Elements


Daniel J. Bruski

Analysis of an Electric Guitar Signal


Erika Koenig

Cameras: A Unit for the High School Physics Class


Mike Holter

Entropy in Colloidal Mixtures


Vincent Reis

Active Noise Control: Study of Transverse Waves Through a Steel Ribbon


Nick Bennig

A First Look at Digital Filters


Kim Kolkin

Nonlinear Motion of a Wire: Representation with Poincare Diagrams


Craig Arendt

An Undistorted View of Relativity


John A Stifter

An Overview of Scattering Theories


Lyle Thomas

The Physics of the Jump Shot


Jeffrey A. Malinowski

Piezoelectric Engines Analysis


Wade Oberpriller

Determination of the Thickness of Two Thin, Non-Homogeneous Plates with Ultrasonic Transducers


Lawrence O. Imm

Physical Parameters Concerning Nonlinear Resonance


Paul J. Costanzo

Development of Courseware to Teach Graphical Analysis


Dale T. Zuzek

The Biomechanics of Pole Vaulting


Maia Davis Pulse

Compression: Dechirping of Time Reversed Slinky Whistlers


Matthew E. Gehrke

Measurement of the Velocity of Water in a Rectangular Pipe using a Lloyd's Mirror Diffraction Pattern


Alicia Amundson

Multiple Rainbows from a Single Drop of Water


Joe Garner

Mechanical Simulation of a Bowed String


Andrew Gerrish

Up From the Ashes


Lance Kuhn

High Resolution Surface Profiling Using Optical Interferometry


Steven K. Manfred

A Star is Unborn: The Schizoid Supernova


Dawn Luehrs

Fiber Optics


Douglas Lindee

Ballistics of a .54 Caliber Bullet


James Hall

Program to Analyze X-ray Diffraction Data


Thomas Weseli

Magnetic Heat Engine


Jeffrey J. Guertin

The Big Grid: How it Came to Be


Igor Anshakov

Post-Chernobyl Environmental Monitoring


Nha Dinh

Phase Sensitive Detector


Jay Meyer

Surround Sound Revealed


Jason Goray

Selection of Appropriate Reconstruction Filters Using Neural Networks


Brent Schwab

The Theory of Digital Audio with Emphasis on Interpolation


Debbie Freitag



Kimberly J. Staiger

Using the Fast Fourier Transform to Determine the Normal Frequencies of a Loaded String


Timothy M. Dietrich

Gravity Measurements with the Worden Gravity Meter


Peter J. Close

Boomerang Flight Theory


Mark Oman

Thermodynamics of a Rubber Band


Mark Anderson

Design and Analysis of a Stirling Cycle Engine


Julie Rauwolf



Sue Sindelar

The Radon Risk


Steve Danczyk

Elastic Scattering of Alpha Particles by Gold Nuclei


Dele Edwin

Obune Matrix Study of Electron Motion Propagating Through a Rectangular Barrier in a One-Dimensional Crystal


Ron Hanestad

Automobile Deceleration and Collision


David Hansen

The Terminator


Julie Johnson

Gas Dynamics


Christine L. Hegenbarth

Application of Stokes' Law in Determining the Size Distribution of Soil Particles: Comparison of Two Methods


Michael J. Narlock

Theoretical and Experimental Foundations for the Buckminsterfullerene


Paul Sundby

Designing and Building a Barton's Pendulums Apparatus


Joel Harper

Designing and Building a Liquid Nitrogen Cloud Chamber


Glenn C. Foster

Investigation of the Elastic Pendulum


Jim Lewandowski

Designing and Building an Electric Quadrupole Trap for Macroscopic Particles


Ken Close

Designing and Building a Chronograph


Gregory Fall

Designing and Building a Chaos Demonstrator


Robert Cooper

Investigation of Contaminant Activity Levels of Cs-137 in Samples Obtained from Cs-137/Ba-137 Miniature Radionuclide Generators


Jeff Brenizer

Determination of the Power of Low Temperature Differential Stirling Engines


Brent Niccum

Basic Flow Properties of Materials for Evaluation and Engineering


Michael Webb

Harmonics in Flexible Bars


Richard Schmitt

Black Holes: The Battle with Gravity


Jon Graetz

Making a Smoke Detector into an Electronic Weather Vane


June Vande Vegt

Boltzmann's Constant from the Temperature of a Diode


Matt Miller

Turbulence Measurements in a Fluid Using a Laser Doppler Anemometer


Lowell McCann

Do You SPO's it Resonates? Or Finding the Surface Plasmon Frequency in Silver Films


Bruce A. Webster

Conservation of Momentum Error Analysis


Scott Richardson

Nonlinear Oscillators


Jonathan Strain

Aerodynamic Drag on an Arrow


Tim Teasdale

The Atwood Smart Pulley to Study Rocket Motion


Yvette Guenther

Sound Diffraction by CSH Vents


Mark Howley

Computer Generated Diffraction Patterns and the Quest for a "Visible" Fourier Transform


Brian Wilson

Impact Detection Using the Piezoelectric Effect


Phil Foltz

Bandgap Determination for Silicon and Germanium


Bob Soderberg

CO2 Bubble Formation: Beer Physics


George Lundquist

An Experiment to Investigate the Properties of a Thermocouple


Jeff Saueressig

Altitude Prediction for Model Rockets


Joel Marvin

Probability Distribution of Time Intervals Between Radioactive Decay Events


Gerritt Duxbury

Development of the Foil


Dexter St. George

The Extension of Euler's Method


Carol A. Annett

The Design of Experiments


David C. Yahnke

Video Enhancement for Physics in Education


Steve C. Hammer

D.C. Power Supply Design


Troy Simon

Eavesdropping with a Laser


Mark Schroeder

Experiment to Measure the After-Effect of Thin Films


Matthew Smith

An Investigation of the Mossbauer Effect


Jeff Crowder

Fresnel Zone Plate


Kent Fox

The Evolution of Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment


Neal Schumacher

Physical Properties of Heat Treated Steel


Gary T. Holm

A Real-Life Computer Application: Approximating Unsolvable Differential Equations


Mary E. Noles

Using a Multipurpose Loading Device to Analyze Some Aspects of a Cantilever Beam


Paul McConville

Cold Fusion


Ed.C. Miniatt

Nondestructive Testing


James Erik Hendrickson

Magnetic Susceptibility of a High Tc Superconducting Ceramic


Sandy Zmuda

Radon Detection and Measurement


Nien van Nguyen

Signal Detection Using Analytic Signal Magnitude


Romona Gunter



Todd Loren Braman

My Digital to Analog Interfacing Senior Project


Allen J. Miller

Acoustic Absorbtion Coefficients and Their Measurement


Dan Strom

Percent Yield Calibration of the Gamma-Ray Scintillation Spectrometer


Steve Hoffman

Chemically Etching ITO on Glass Plates


Bill Herron

Doppler Radar / Distance Radar


Christian Nielsen

Compact Disc Player Optics and the Birefringence Problem

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