Physics Degrees at UWRF

UWRF offers majors and programs that are flexible to accommodate a variety of careers.

Physics: There are two options with this degree program. Option I is recommended as preparation for graduate studies in physics or for industrial research. Option II is recommended for students wanting maximum flexibility for study in other areas, as it requires 14 fewer credits in physics to graduate.

Secondary Education Physics: This program is designed for students wishing to teach physics in secondary schools after graduation.

Broad Field Science - Physical Science Option: This program is designed for students majoring in Broad Field Science with a certification in Physics.

Applied Physics: This is recommended as preparation for a career in an industrial or government laboratory, or for graduate study in Applied Physics, Electronics, Engineering Physics, Geophysics, etc.

Dual Degree Program: This major is awarded jointly with a B.S. in engineering after the student has successfully completed a three-year program at UW-River Falls with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 and a two-year program at either UW-Madison or the University of Minnesota.

Pre-Engineering: This major is designed to give students a firm physics background before finishing up school with an engineering degree.

Minor in Physics-Liberal Arts or Education