Year/Mo. Visitor Event Description

2000 November

Natalie Goldberg

Presentation: Renowned author, Natalie Goldberg, shared her writing and inspirations, painting and Zen Buddhism.  She provided insight of her artistic life in a highly anticipated book signing.  Goldberg is the author of 9 books.  [sponsored by the Wyman Performing Arts and Speakers Series and several other departments]


Paul DeMain, publisher of Indian Country Communications; Stephanie Popovich, a Marketing Communications student; Laura Waterman Wittstock, president of Migizi Communications; and Mike Ducan, music director and chief announcer at Native American radio station WOJB

Panel: on the Lack of Knowledge About Native American Culture, Four Native American speakers discussed the general media's lack of knowledge of Native Americans and their history  [sponsored by the Journalism Department and a grant from the UW System Institute on Race and Ethnicity]


Anthony Braxton
woodwind player and professor of music at Weslyan University

Concert: Guest composer and jazz musician Anthony Braxton was commissioned for a performance in the Abbott Concert Hall; Braxton is considered a transidomatic composer, incorporating music from many different style periods and transitions [35th Annual Commissioned Composer Concert]


Eva Palma
editor of La  Prensa

Lecture: "The Importance of Newspapers for the Latino Community," Palma spoke to an audience of students and faculty; "We are not just a Mexican newspaper, we are just a community paper for Latinos," she said; throughout the lecture she talked about the importance of her paper for the Latino community

October 2

Stephen Feinstein
director of the Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies at the University of Minnesota, and emeritus professor of History at UWRF
Stephen Feinstein

Lecture: "When 'Never Again' is a Cliché: The Complicated Role of Rescuers in Genocide" [inaugural lecture of the Edward N. Peterson Lecture Series, sponsored by the History and Philosophy Department and the College of Arts and Sciences]

October 15

Richard Fried
History professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago [now Emeritus] and renowned scholar on Senator Joseph McCarthy
Richard Fried

Lecture: "Joseph McCarthy and His Times: Fifty Years Later," Dr. Fried provided enlightenment and insight on the era associated with the infamous senator from Wisconsin [second annual lecture of the Edward N. Peterson Lecture Series, sponsored by the History and Philosophy Department and the College of Arts and Sciences]

March 25

M. James Benson
president emeritus of Bemidji State University
M. James Bensen

Lecture: "Re-inventing Community: Creating and Aligning Your Assets," by the spring 2009 Executive-in-Residence [sponsored by the College of Business and Economics]

March 31

Tim Wise
prominent anti-racist writer and activist
Tim Wise

Lecture: "Beyond Diversity: Challenging Racism in an Age of Backlash," held in the North Hall auditorium

October 1-2

Scott Russell Sanders
novelist, essayist, and professor of English and Indiana University
Scott Russell Sanders

Conference: Sanders read from his latest work, A Conservationist Manifesto, and gave the keynote address at the third annual Undergraduate Conference on Critical and Creative Engagement

October 6

Teresa Daly
former U.S. congressional candidate, and human resources expert and career consultant
Teresa Daly

Lecture: "Women in Leadership: What Are We Missing?" Daly shared her research on why the number of women at the top of corporate leadership has stagnated at 15 percent over the past decade; she also addressed issues of entrenched male-style organizational structure, stages of personal power, and the need for women to mentor other women [Lydecker Lecture Series, sponsored by the Women's Leadership and Philanthropy Initiative of the UWRF Foundation and by the UWRF Women's Studies program]

October 8

Margaret Keating
Hallmark Cards executive and UWRF alumna
Margaret Keating

Lecture: "When You Care Enough," presented by this year's Executive-in-Residence, outlined how she implements solutions that are consistent with Hallmark Cards' corporate beliefs and values [sponsored by the College of Business and Economics]

October 21

Eric D. Weitz
History professor at the University of Minnesota
Weitz, Eric D

Lecture: "Human Rights: A Revisionist History from the French Revolution to the Present," Dr. Weitz presented a critical and complex history of human rights that is international in scope and that "dismantles the teleology of empires to nation-states and intertwines crimes and rights into a common narrative" [third annual lecture of the Edward N. Peterson Lecture Series, sponsored by the History and Philosophy Department]

October 29

Hassan Eibakar
a native of Somali, Dr. Eibaker has had a varied career in Somali and the United States
Hassan Eibaker

Lecture: "Media Coverage of the Somali Community," Dr. Eibaker operates the Warsan Times, a monthly newspaper aimed at informing and educating people on current Somali and East African issues [Working Journalists Series, sponsored by the Journalism Department]

November 19

Frank Sentwali
Twin Cities spoken word artist
Frank Sentwali, Nov. 2009

Performance: The Spoken Word Poetry Jam featured Sentwali and an open microphone segment; spoken word poetry emphasizes the tone of the human voice, which adds another layer of meaning for interpretation