Faculty and Staff


Department Chair, Dr. Zhiguo Yang (Professor of History)

Dr. Betty A. Bergland (Professor of History)

Dr. Ryan Fischer (Visiting Assistant Professor of History)

Dr. Victoria Houseman (Associate Professor of History)

Dr. Kurt Leichtle (Broad Field Social Studies Program Coordinator and Professor of History)

Dr. Imtiaz Moosa (Professor of Philosophy)

Dr. Kiril Petkov (Professor of History)

Instructional Academic Staff

Mr. Doug Hjersjo (Adjunct Instructor of Broad Field Social Studies)

Mr. Richard Horton (Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy)

Dr. Matthew Meyer (Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy)

Dr. David Peters (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy; part-time Professor)

Dr. Chris Simer (Adjunct Instructor of History)

Dr. Thomas White (Adjunct Instructor of History)

Office Staff

Sue Voelker, Office Manager (Academic Department Associate)