Why study Geography and Mapping Sciences at UWRF?

GEOGRAPHY is a field that uses an interdisciplinary approach to understand patterns of human activity and natural processes on the surface of the earth. Geographers are often called upon to analyze and solve problems that deal with interactions between people and the environment. Geography appeals to students who have a wide range of interests that involve human activities and their impacts on the natural environment.

MAPPING SCIENCES are a set of techniques that include Cartography (the art and science of map making), GIS - Geographic Information Systems (the analysis of spatial patterns), and Remote Sensing (the analysis of satellite imagery). These techniques are useful in displaying, understanding, and analyzing spatial relationships. Many other disciplines, such as biology, business, marketing, criminal justice, land use planning, and urban studies utilize mapping techniques.

Studying geography and mapping sciences at UWRF provides the skills to engage in a variety of careers. Through a combination of coursework and internships students gain first hand experience in geographic analysis. The use of computer technologies, through GIS and mapping, are areas where students may develop additional expertise. The department offers a Major and a Minor in Geography, a Minor in Geographic Information Systems and Cartography, and a Major in Broad Field Social Studies (Geography)/Education.

2013 Excellence in Teaching Award Winner
in the College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Mathew Dooley, Associate Professor

Recipients are selected based on responses from alumni
of the College of Arts and Sciences.
Previous department winners include: Dr. Charles Rader,
Dr. Don Petzold and Dr. Ruth Hale.

UWRF Student Wins 2nd Place in International Competition


Brita Swanson, UWRF GIS Certificate Program student, placed second at the 2013 North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) Student Map and Poster Competition.  The competition was held October 9-11 at the annual meeting in Greenville, South Carolina.  Brita's entry, Memory Rootslink, was very well received by the attendees.


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