Daniel Linwick

Daniel Linwick 160

Daniel Linwick

member of graduate faculty

Office: 167 Centennial Science Hall
Phone: 715-425-4376



B.A., M.S. Western Washington University;
Ph.D. University of Minnesota.

Daniel is an experimental psychologist who teaches General Psychology, Research Methods, Behavior Modification, Learning and Motivation, and Animal Behavior. Daniel maintains a conditioning laboratory that is equipped with a MED Associates interface and several operant chambers. This lab is used in our learning and motivation course to acquaint students with technology that is essential for the investigation of basic psychological processes. It is also used to provide students the opportunity to conduct independent research involving animals. In past years, many undergraduates have performed experiments under Dr. Linwick's supervision and several have gone on to present their findings at undergraduate research conferences. Photos of the lab are available here. Daniel's research interests focus on three areas: (1) the interaction of classical conditioning and instrumental learning, (2) representational processes in animals, and (3) models of reinforcement value. Dr. Linwick was named an Outstanding Faculty Member in the College of Arts and Sciences for 1999/2000.