Michael Kahlow
Michael Kahlow

Michael Kahlow


Office: 213 Centennial Science Hall
Phone: 715-425-3339



B.S. - Lawrence University, 1981 
M.S. - University of California - Berkeley, 1983 
Ph.D. - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 1988

Courses Taught:

  • Chem 121- General Chemistry I
  • Chem 122- General Chemistry II
  • Chem 340- Physical Chemistry of Biological Systems
  • Chem 342- Molecular Structure & Spectroscopy
  • Chem 401- Advanced Chemistry Lab II

Research Interests:

HemeDOne interest is the cytochromes of Thermoplasma acidophilum. T. acidophilumis an archaebacterium which lives at 59° and pH 2, first isolated from burning coal refuse piles. We have identified a cytochrome bdoxidase from this organism, which metabolizes oxygen to water, as well as a number of other enzymes. Pictured is one of the cofactors of cytochrome bd oxidase, heme d.

SubunitR2Ribonucleotide reductase subunit R2 is representative of a class of diiron enzymes which react with oxygen to form highly oxidizing species.  Other enzymes include methane monooxygenase, which converts methane to methanol, and fatty acid desaturases.

During my sabbatical in 2002-03 I worked with Larry Que at the University of Minnesota on this metalloenzyme.

Other Activities:

I have several interests that I am currently working on. One is our introductory chemistry laboratories. We've been working to bring computer-based instrumentation into our intro labs.

General LabHere is a picture of one of our new lab computers. The computers are paired with data acquisition equipment from Vernier to obtain temperature, pH, conductivity, and other chemical data.



Laser LabHere's a picture of our laser Raman system, used in our physical chemistry laboratory.