Agendas and Minutes



August 20, 2014document

August 20, 2014document

Full time MBA Pgm Chg proposaldocument
Full time MBA Course Curriculum Narrativedocument

Biochem Preprof Major pgm chg proposaldocument

Biochem Preprof Major Current Proposeddocument

Biochem ACS Major Prg Chg proposaldocument

Biochem ACS Major Current proposeddocument

Chemistry ACS major chg prg proposaldocument

Chemistry ACS major Current document

Chemistry ACS major Proposeddocument

Biotech Prg Chg Transmittal Formdocument

Biotech Prg Chg Narrativedocument

Biotech Pgm Chg Narrative 2document

Biotech Pgm Chg support lettersdocument

September 10, 2014document

September 10, 2014document

Combined transmittal course proposaldocument

September 24, 2014document

September 24, 2014document

CEPS name and course designatordocument

Transmittal for Graduate Program MS in Education-Readingdocument

Transmittal for Undergraduate Animal Science-Companion Animaldocument

Chapter 2 revision 2014-09-24document

October 8, 2014document

October 8, 2014document

October 22, 2014document

October 22, 2014document

November 5, 2014document

November 5, 2014document

Health and Wellness Managementdocument

Marketing Communicationsdocument

November 19, 2014document

November 19, 2014document

Pre-Engineering Physicsdocument

Physics-Dual Degree Physicsdocument

Physics-Liberal Art, Physicsdocument

Physics-Secondary Education Physicsdocument

Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice name chgdocument

December 10, 2014document

December 10, 2014document

Combined Transmittal course proposal 2document

Women's and Gender Studies Program 2014document

Screencast 2014-12-10 1431

February 4, 2015document

February 4, 2015document

CAS 2015 16 Proposal student Centered 3D printingdocument

CBE 2015 16 Proposal Bloomberg Certificationdocument

February 18, 2015document


STEMteach Pgm Chg Proposaldocument

STEMteach Pgm Chg Narrativedocument

STEMteach Pgm Chg Support Materialdocument

STEMteach Working Mechanismsdocument

STEMteach Proposal Math Department Responsedocument

UTCH 706 Math Departmentdocument

CSTA Pgm Chg designator Chg proposaldocument

March 4, 2015document


Creative Writing Minordocument
English -CREdocument
MBA 2-28-2015document

March 25, 2015document



April 8, 2015



April 22, 2015



May 6, 2015