Agendas Minutes 2012-2013

2012-2013 Faculty Senate Agendas

2012-2013 Faculty Senate Minutes

May 8, 2013document
Assessment-Committee Program Assessment Plan Evaluation Rubricdocument
Assessment-Committee-recommended Program Assessment REPORT Rubric(2)document
DIC 2009 QWL Survey Report - Reviseddocument
DIC Campus Climate2010 Final Report Presentation-1document
DIC-Motion to Implement CSW Work-Life Campus Climate 4 13document
Computer Sciencedocument
Montessori Teacher Educationdocument
COURSE PROPOSAL Changes_old_course_proposal_formdocument
Computer Science 2document
PP-PAR-FINAL Document-REVISEDdocument
MS in Computer Sciencedocument
Dance Minordocument
English Language Arts Minordocument
Health and Human Performancedocument
Changes to Chapter 4 FWPPdocument
Summer head count language to senate 5document

May 8, 2013document

April 24, 2013document
International Studies Program Changesdocument
Marketing Communications Program Changesdocument
Assessment-Committee-recommended Program Assessment Plan Evaluation Rubricdocument

April 24, 2013 NAdocument

April 10, 2013document
ILab Brief for ACE Consultants 67document
ILab Environ Scan 67document
Art BFA 2013-3-14document
Art with minor add-major ba0bs-2013-3-14document
Broad Area Art 2013-3-14document
Early Childhood comp Major 2013-3-14document
Psychology Major-Minordocument
Graphic Design Minordocument
Asian Studies Minordocument
Art Bachelor of Sciencedocument
FS Motion 2003-04-18document
GEURC Report to Senatedocument

April 10, 2013document

March 20, 2013 - Cancelled

March 6, 2013document
Campus Naming Policy final draftdocument
2015-16 Academic Calendar-Finaldocument
Community Planning Majordocument
Crop and Soil Science Majordocument

March 6, 2013document

February 20, 2013document

Jour-Program Change Narrativedocument

February 20, 2013document

February 6, 2013document

UW Flexible Degree-Who-What-When-Where-Whydocument

UW Flexible Degree-Principles to Guide Development/Implementationdocument

February 6, 2013document

January 23, 2013document

2013-2014 Strategic Planning Initiativesdocument (proposed)

January 23, 2013document

December 12, 2012document

Attachment 1document: PP-PAR Final Document - DRAFT

Attachment 2: MBAdocument

Attachment 3: ELTdocument

Attachment 4:document Graduate Program Transmittal Form

Attachment 5document: Undergraduate Program Transmittal Form

Agenda addition, attachment 6document: Designator Transmittal Form

December 12, 2012document

November 28, 2012     document

Course Evaluation Agenda additiondocument

Attachment 1document: AP&P Conservation Major

Attachment 2document: AP&P Environmental Sciences Major

Attachment 3document: AP&P Geology Major

Attachment 4document: AP&P Outdoor Education

Attachment 5document: New Tech Council Description

November 28, 2012document

November 7, 2012document

Attachment 1document: AP&P revisions to Handbook

Attachment 2document: INTS Draft

Attachment 3document: New Tech Council doc

November 7, 2012document

October 24, 2012document

Attachment 1document: TESOL Education major-minor

Attachment 2document: TESOL Liberal Arts major-minor

Attachment 3document: English Education major-minor

Attachment 4document: Broad Area English Education Major

Attachment 5document: APP-Recommended revisions to Faculty Handbook

October 24, 2012document

October 10, 2012document

Attachment 1document

Attachment 2document

Attachment 3document

October 10, 2012document

September 26, 2012document

September 26, 2012

September 12, 2012document

September 12, 2012document

August 29, 2012document

August 29, 2012document

June 12, 2012document

Sustainability Campus Community Plandocument          
2012 Climate Action Plandocument

June 12, 2012

May 2, 2012document

May 2, 2012document