Heating Plant

Mission: To provide uninterrupted steam service, safely and economically.

Heating Plant Facts:

The Central Heating Plant provides heat and cooling comforts for the UW-River Falls campus.  Other than an annual 2 week shut down in the spring, the Plant operates 24/7 year round. 338 degree steam travels several miles underground, gives up its heat, converts back to water, and is pumped back to the plant for reuse.

Steam is used to:

  • Heat as well as provide hot water in approximately 2 million square feet of Campus buildings
  • Cook food and clean dishes in Campus Dining Facilities
  • Run lab equipment such as sterilizers, humidifiers, distillers
  • Run clothes dryers for Athletics and Summer Conferences
  • Heat campus buildings

Natural gas and coal are the primary fuels used to operate the plant. Biomass and oil are also used on a limited basis.

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