USPS Metered Mail: Outbound

  • Secure postal charge card to items to be metered and put account number on the card. 
  • Separate International mail from domestic mail and mark Air Mail on envelope. Country must be in address. 
  • We can seal your standard envelopes for you, please do not mix sealed and unsealed envelopes and do not fold in flaps. Some odd size envelopes will not seal in our postal machine.  
  • Separate interdepartmental mail from outgoing mail. 
  • Do not print or write in lower right portion of your envelopes. The USPS bar codes use this space.

USPS Metered Mail: Inbound

  • Personal catalogs and mail should not be delivered to the University. Please contact these vendors with your address correction
  • Please send an email to with Departmental personnel changes. 
  • Please address mail by department