CSAC News and Updates

 Holiday Luncheon - 2014

Another Holiday Luncheon has come and gone. The Classified Staff Advisory Council would like to thank the committee in charge of organizing the event and all those who contributed gifts, time and resources to this annual event.  The Sally Margis Award was split and presented to Molly Cooper, Melissa Davis, and Tammy Stifter.  

Photos from the event

 DMC/DERA Proposed Changes

The following documents contain the proposed policy changes (in yellow) as discussed at the June meeting with Elizabeth Frueh and Dean Van Galen.  The documents are posted to review prior to the July 24th meeting with Elizabeth Frueh.  Elizabeth will present the changes and answer any questions or concerns.  

Any known questions or concerns should be emailed to csac@uwrf.edumail prior to the meeting. 

The meeting will be held July 24th, 1:30pm in the South Hall Alumni Room

DMC Proposed Policy 7-15-14document

DERA Proposed Policy 7-15-14document

 CSAC new members

We are happy to announce our new members elected to serve beginning in June.  

  • Melissa (Missy) Davis - Blue Collar 
  • Linda Matzek - Crafts and Technical 
  • Mary Foster - Administrative Support
We would also like to acknowledge and thank those outgoing members who provided their input and time on the council.
  • Sue Watters - Administrative Support
  • Mike Mueller - Crafts and Technical
  • Mark Lambert - Blue Collar

 5/15/2014 DMCA/DERA Proposed Changes Meeting

The Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) will be reviewing the DERA/DMC sub-committee's proposed changes.  The sub-committee has prepared a process report and all CSAC-approved recommended changes will be forwarded to the appropriate groups for review.  If you would like to view the sub-committee's presentation, it is linked below.  All recommended changes will be published following the meeting.

4/24/2014 CSAC sub-committee DERA/DMC presentation

The Classified Staff Advisory Council (CSAC) sub-committee reviewing campus procedures for DERA/DMC submission, evaluation and award distribution for classified staff will highlight proposed changes via PowerPoint presentation on Thursday, April 24, in the St. Croix Room, UC. Attend either from 9-10:00 a.m. or 2-3:00 p.m. There will be a short question and answer period following the presentation and feedback on the proposed changes will be collected prior to formal submission to CSAC on May 8. 

DMC/DERA PowerPoint Presentation 4/24/14document

We have ended the comment period. We still encourage all Classified Staff to send any questions or concerns via email to csac@uwrf.edumail

4/23/2014 - The 2014 Classified Staff Elections are now complete. Election results to be published soon

Free or Discounted Events for Classified Staff

A list of free or discounted events for faculty and staff.