Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Geography (GEOG)

GEOG 110 Physical Environment: Patterns & Systems
GEOG 111 Laboratory for Physical Environments: Patterns & Systems
GEOG 120 Human Geography
GEOG 212 Weather & Climate
GEOG 214 World Patterns of Plants & Animals
GEOG 220 Economic Geography
GEOG 225 Geography of Wine
GEOG 237 Poverty in the United States (d)
GEOG 240 The United States
GEOG 241 Wisconsin
GEOG 242 Canada
GEOG 250 Introduction to Geographic Information Science (GISci)
GEOG 265 Mapping and Spatial Justice
GEOG 279 Cooperative Education & Internship I
GEOG 289 Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 300 Environmental Education
GEOG 316 The Physical Environment of Urban Areas
GEOG 318 Global Water Resources
GEOG 322 Urban Geography
GEOG 324 Historical Geography of the United States
GEOG 340 Europe
GEOG 342 Latin America (g)
GEOG 343 Africa
GEOG 344 Asia & Oceana (g)
GEOG 350 Map Design & Production
GEOG 351 Map Design
GEOG 360 Geographic Information Systems: Theory & Methods
GEOG 365 Quant Tech in Geography & Cartography
GEOG 366 Field Methods and Global Positioning System (GPS)
GEOG 368 Digital Image Processing
GEOG 376 Experience Greece: Culture Past & Present
GEOG 378 Semester Abroad Research
GEOG 379 Geography Internship
GEOG 389 Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 401 Senior Colloquium in Geography
GEOG 412 Advanced Climatology
GEOG 428 Political Geography
GEOG 455 Advanced Map Design
GEOG 460 Geographic Information Systems: Analysis & Modeling
GEOG 489 Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 490 Readings in Geography
GEOG 499 Independent Study
GEOG 500 Environmental Education
GEOG 560 Geographic Information Systems: Theory and Methods
GEOG 566 Field Methods and Global Positioning System (GPS)
GEOG 568 Digital Image Processing
GEOG 589 Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 660 Geographic Information Systems: Analysis and Modeling
GEOG 689 Special Topics in Geography
GEOG 700 Geography Tech Teachers
GEOG 760 Geographic Information Systems for Sustainable Development
GEOG 789 Special Topics in Geography