Courses by Program

Past and current offerings. For current course offerings, review the degree requirements related to the program.

Communication Studies (COMS)

COMS 101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication
COMS 106 Interpersonal Communication
COMS 116 Business & Prof Communication
COMS 206 Family Communication
COMS 207 Listening Skills
COMS 211 Public Speaking
COMS 213 Intercultural Communication (d)
COMS 215 Communication & Technology
COMS 216 Communication in the Interview
COMS 286 Introduction to Communication Studies
COMS 289 Special Topics in Communication
COMS 306 Non-Verbal Communication
COMS 308 Small Group Communication
COMS 312 Argumentation & Decision Making
COMS 314 Introduction to Criticism
COMS 315 Communication and Social Change
COMS 316 Organizational Communication
COMS 318 Communication & Leadership
COMS 319 Freedom to Speak
COMS 370 Intercollegiate Debate
COMS 371 Intercollegiate Forensics
COMS 378 Semester Abroad Research
COMS 379 Internship in Communication Studies
COMS 386 Communication Theory and Qualitative Research
COMS 389 Special Topics in Speech
COMS 403 Directing the Secondary School Forensics Program
COMS 405 Communication and Conflict
COMS 407 Listening Instruction
COMS 414 Speech in History
COMS 416 Communication Training & Development in Organizations
COMS 440 Gender Communication
COMS 481 Wisconsin in Scotland
COMS 486 Capstone Project in Communication Studies
COMS 489 Seminar: Speech Communication & Theatre Arts
COMS 490 Independent Study: Senior Project
COMS 499 Independent Study/Research
COMS 506 Non-Verbal Communication
COMS 514 Introduction to Criticism
COMS 516 Organizational Communication
COMS 589 Special Topics in Speech
COMS 603 Directing the Secondary School Forensics Program
COMS 610 Communication Activities for the Classroom
COMS 614 Speech in History
COMS 689 Special Topics in Speech
COMS 789 Special Topics in Speech
COMS 791 Language Arts App Unit
COMS 798 Independent Research
COMS 799 Thesis